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Best "Hate mail" you received?

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2013-03-22 16:28
Some guy told me I use an aimbot. That was a very big compliment on his part. I dont think he even realized it.
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2013-03-22 19:44
Canals did 126 - 4 on my alt ( itsmagiccNL )

Got like 3 voice messages from same guy i nemesid killed 20 times how i ***** up the game for players that guy was so pissed lol
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2013-03-22 19:53
TEX125 said:
For some reason I get "Go back to COD" a lot. From other BF3 Xbox players.

I got this a few nights ago... I rpg'd his car when he tried to run me over and got on the hood and bagged him. The message said verbatim "Go back to COD/HALO NOOB YOU BAG FOR NO REASON" and when i went to his profile to respond, he had rage quit and was playing black ops.

found it funny that a cod player used that as an insult
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2013-03-22 20:17 , edited 2013-03-22 20:18 by XxillusionattixX
" learn how to use a gun and stop stabbing me you just made me break my controller ass@#le" as i responded UMAD BRO
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2013-03-22 21:10
I got called a Hacker for killing a Wall Glitcher on metro
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2013-03-22 21:20
Im not good enough to get any hatemail ;-D
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2013-03-22 21:42
only gotten a handful, 2 that stand out are:

"shove your mines up your ass" after his jeep found them, when i replied "lol", he replied me being canadian explained why i was using mines, but never elaborated further.

other was an angry voice message, i was american medic on alborz mountains on the upper objectives where some of the roads have steep rock walls you can't climb up on the sides. i catch support trying to throw C4 on the road, i kill him. i can't get up the rock wall and the other side of the road is low ground, so i start heading up the road towards the objective. around the first corner, there he is again throwing C4 on the road, kill him once more. he sends me a voice message "yea, f*** you, you f***in' campin' ass n*****, why don't ya get good?" i didn't bother pointing out the irony in him calling me a camper for killing him before he could C4 the road and camp out with his bipod while he waits for something to drive over it...
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2013-03-22 22:18 , edited 2013-03-22 22:19 by Kolmiopaavo
Something like "noob jet fag 1v1 guns only?". And with "guns" he meant infantry 1v1, not the cannon in jet. Anyways i get fanpost pretty often when im beasting in jet
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2013-03-22 23:21
"Shit Bucket" Because I'm a colonel 100 and he believes all colonel 100 glitch there way to the top. Honestly its just because we know how to play the game and not our fault for ownage!! Then he went on about how it takes more then 800 hours to get to colonel 100 and how I do nothing but play this game all day long. lol really, actually this game has been out for almost 2 years and not my problem he choose to play TDM and not score any real points. Haters.....
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2013-03-22 23:24
I'm an AH pilot, so sadly I don't get hatemail much. :( Gunners steal all the glory D:
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2013-03-22 23:43
i had an american call me a "black jew aussie asshole"

made me lol... he was pissed i stole the chopper
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2013-03-22 23:44
cdomenici said:
i had an american call me a &quot;black jew aussie asshole&quot;

made me lol... he was pissed i stole the chopper

wtf that was my helicopter ;o
Rated "M" for "mommy bought it for me"
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2013-03-23 01:03
I had some kid call me a hacking f@gg0t. Had to lol at that.
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2013-03-23 01:20 , edited 2013-03-23 01:21 by dandroid_of_LA
"I beat you came over from Xbox!"
this really got me. made me rethink my life.
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2013-03-23 05:52
I was playing Halo 4 and someone sent me a message telling me to go C4 troll on someone else's server. I replied that I was playing Halo 4 and hadn't played Battlefield at all that day.
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2013-03-23 06:30 , edited 2013-03-23 06:32 by RuthlessCole
There was a guy spawnraping us (while we had all flags under our control) with an attack chopper on firestorm.

I managed to sneak to the AA gun and shoot him down. I them proceeded to get ot and teabag for his douchebag move.

He later sent me a voice message that was along th lines of "You are such a fag you think you're so cool you're probably just some no-lifer who sits there... etc."

Funny thing is, I have a rank 20 when this happened.

I replied with a text message that simply read,
"Nerd Rage :P"
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2013-03-23 06:34
ComixFan sent me some nice abuse.. followed by threats of xbox live bans etc... don't return to the same sniping spot 15 times in a row []
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2013-03-23 07:16 , edited 2013-03-23 07:23 by FrankW1029
Some dumbass sent "why do you and your clan sucks so bad?" While our team is destroying theirs on caspian conquest and all he did was camp our jet spawn to take them out right away as our jets take off. Also while everyone who was in team chat on my team said "this guy was glitching across my screen, it looks like you are shooting him but always no hit marks"

Couple days later after he chnaged his gamer tag he sent me " remember me? I was blah blah blah..." As he was doing the same jet spawn camping. I replied " so? Your team is losing again." He started getting mad and started sending me voice msg instead saying "i am gonna eat your ass " or something... I replied "sorry bro, but i dont roll that way. Your sexuality is not my concern" . Now he starts to get real pissed and kept sending msg which i without listening deleted and kept replying him " stop with the man crush. I know you like dick, but i dont roll that way" and blocked his msgs. LOL...
US Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2013-03-23 14:41
Had this happen:

random guy who couldn't break a spawn trap: F**king P**sy Noob

Me: Umad bro? LOL

random guy who couldn't break a spawn trap: I HOPE YOU DIE OF CANCER

Didn't really have a comeback for that one...all I could think was "Well...that escalated quickly"
GB Enlisted: 2012-02-04
2013-03-23 15:44
Got told that I have been reported for glitching/cheating to the anti-cheat team and xbox live yesterday, funny because I killed the Colonel 100's as they were trying to do the 'revive into wall' glitch to get on top of Ziba.

Still got all my stats and playing fine, so this anti-cheat team is slow...
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