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Are Jets Overpowered?

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2013-04-04 05:39
Bfizzle62 said:
I feel like making a witty response entirely in wingdings

Tell them to adapt and overcome
Roll Tide
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2013-04-04 05:48
MrPhantom31 said:
Bfizzle62 said:
I feel like making a witty response entirely in wingdings
Tell them to adapt and overcome

dammit i tried to copy and paste but battlelog won't let me
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2013-04-04 06:01
The only jets that are 'impossible' to take down are the aces that have many hundred hours in jets, and even they are sometimes susceptible to the odd RPG/tank round. Admittedly on PC, the aces really are only taken down by themselves, or through sheer luck.

The only change I would like to see would be less control while at slower speeds. Jets are meant to easily destroy choppers, but when the jet is flying slower than you are and still easily hitting you, that is very frustrating.

Lock on weapons aren't the only way to take out a jet. RPG's/tank shells/canister and the many weapons of the attack heli all are viable choices; and some maps have the MAA too.
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2013-04-04 06:51
soulja224466 said:
Xritke said:
Obviously you didn't read my post correctly.
Let me explain it more clearly. When someone who has mastered a jet uses a tank or AH, they can easily take out a jet because they can easily predict what that pilot is going to do next.
And I'm saying that's nonsense. But I wouldn't have even replied to your post if not for your assertion that jets are easy to master. Just struck me as ironic that someone with 100 jet kills felt qualified to speak on the matter so definitively.

Hope that helps

I have 1,022 kills in all the jets combined. Does that mean I'm qualified?

Basically, if you're getting raped by a jet, one of a few things could be happening.

1. You went up against an Ace in a jet and you suck. Go learn how to fly.
2. You're infantry and NO ONE is trying to take out the jet (part of the reason why I have so many kills).
3. You keep trying to use Stiglas every time I fly within range, running out of them while I still have my flares.
4. You're pretty fucking stupid.
5. You're a noob.
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2013-04-04 07:46
JaFool1 said:
So because someone has taken the time to master a vehicle and you cannot destroy them with your one shot lock on skill cannon, they should be removed from the game completely?

this, just so this
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2013-04-05 05:17
i take all this hate as love haha
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2013-04-05 05:20
I take down even the best of pilots. Jet scrubs hate, rage, kick, ban and fear me!
1v1? Your jet vs. my C-RAM! I won't move and you get first shot.
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2014-12-10 13:44
WOW the best response the majority of you could say was: "your a noob", "you suck", "your bad", learn to fly, you people disgust me, you people that say those things sounds like the bloody 12yr old kids on COD, oh wait they have more logic then you, i feel bad for you, jets should be removed, look at BFBC2 no jets and it was the best game, put jets in BF3 and you give no one a chance at doing anything, all you jet people trying to defend them are the cry babies, yous cry because your one man army death machine wont be cable of it anymore so yous grasp at anything to defend them. Plz they are OP and the game would be vastly better without them and hey if jets weren't in the game they would even be able to nerf Stingers,
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2014-12-11 11:21
You musta been barned for a month.... popcorn up!
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2014-12-12 14:45
nah, i actually got off the forums abit, people make me want to bash my head up the wall
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Agreed. Jets are overpowered and extremely unbalanced. Any idea of realism goes flying out the window.

Flares should be limited. Obviously. My Stinger has limited ammo, why don't Jets? This goes for all Air Vehincles and Ground Vehicles.

Oh, and another thing, REAL, ACTUAL Stingers, have a lock-on range of 5 miles, with more modern Stingers being able to reach far more than that. Should the Stingers in-game be realistic, flying any sort of Air Vehicle would be suicide.

Jets / Helicopters have been unbalanced since the beginning, ridicullously overpowered.
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2016-02-07 03:41
jets <3
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2016-02-07 09:59
yesssssssssss JeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeT <3
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2016-02-07 17:50
let me explain to the people who think jets are invincible yeah stingers are for nubs its not gonne work to kill a decent jet pilot but......

1. if a jet strave infantery use a rocket bam jet down.

2. if a jet strave use a tank bam jet down.

3. 2vs1 1 guy goes in the heli 1 goes in a jet if they both can use the vehicles on a decent way 1 jet can do nothing not even a good jet pilot bam jet down

4. if u got another jet pilot in the other team u start to dogfight 5 -10 minutes maybe longer maybe less .

5. if u got someone better in the other team bam jet down: jet is all skills

6 .if u annoy the other team and u got the whole team chasing u with 12 stingers instead of playing the game bam jet down.
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