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Changing your FOV (Field Of View) on Xbox?

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2013-03-25 21:39 , edited 2013-03-25 23:03 by SimonHackQc
What's Up people! :D

I've seen a video a few days ago showing how to change your Field Of View on the Xbox 360. It is pretty easy to do so, and it is really appealing to me (discovering a new Battlefield!). But some people on another website talked about how it was changing the game; changing the FOV on console is like modding, which is considered like cheating by EA or DICE (on BF3, on course).

So now, my question is: if a person changes his FOV on Xbox, can you get ban for it (there's a way to put it back to normal, which I think is close to 60)? Is there any "Punkbuster" or something like that for consoles? It would be really appreciated if a modo could answer to me, or a person who really knows what he/she's talking about.

Here's the link to the (french) video that shows how to change the FOV (please, if you want to ban this person because he changed his FOV, don't do it DICE. You should send him a message, that would be a lot more appreciated by him, I'm pretty sure) : []

I'm posting here because I don't know if we can do it or not. If we can do it on the PC, why not on console?

P.S.: I did not change my FOV.

P.P.S: A french moderador said something about it, but I would like to know what the english community thinks aout it!
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2013-03-25 21:42
that looks like sh*t !!!!!!
I see no benefit in game other than a headache
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2013-03-25 21:48
Well, if you put your FOV to 80/90, it just feels better (that's my opinion)!
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2013-03-25 21:49
I freeze enough as it is
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2013-03-25 21:50
A person who tried the little trick to change his Field Of View says that the game just feels smoother, and that the amount of freeze doesn't increase!
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2013-09-16 15:31
Up ? Interesting topic.
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2013-11-19 13:15
Why do you wana Report someone for changing is FOV is it wrong or something. Yes Hi Im new around here OK
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2014-03-03 23:27
how do you change it in bf4
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