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Damage buff the bolt-action sniper rifles in BF4!

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2013-09-22 22:06
PC sniping is fine but why DICE uses the same damage models for both PC & console don't seem like console players are getting as much out of the game as PC players. BF3 bolt action rifles on console are terrible. I think DICE should at least look at the data between using a mouse compared to a joystick and make proper adjustments. There's nothing more annoying that hitting a guy center mass only to have him run off like it was nothing. It happens way to often. I'm not saying a 1 shot kill anywhere should be a kill but at least chest up. I know I don't have the pull of LevelCap where I can decide portable mortars are too powerful so DICE jumps on the nerf hammer ASAP but I do believe console players are entitled to experience as much fun as PC players do and expanding the 1 shot kill with bolt action rifles would do just that. I'm not concerned with the 50. cal that people will be sprinting to that is placed on certain maps. I'm talking about all bolt action rifles on console. I have over 1,000 hours in BF3 and even as a Colonel 100 I've never had a game as annoying as using a bolt action rifle as BF3. I really hope DICE gives console players a console game & stop assuming what works for PC must also work for console. If they do that than I think this game will be one of the best FPS games of all time. Cheers..
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2013-09-24 04:47
Snipers already have a chance to one hit kill at close range, and there is nothing stopping you from swapping to your secondary and simply shooting your foe once to finish him off or going for a headshot. Giving bolt-actions a 100% chance to one hit kill at close range defeats the purpose of many weapons that are meant for close range thus breaking all the balance. Snipers are already arguably overpowered in Bf4, and with the addition of a select few bolt-actions with high RoF's like the Scout Elite, you will further break the game by allowing bolt-actions to one hit kill at faster RoF's. It's understandable that people want to be "Aggressive Sniper's", but instead of just complaining and asking for a playstyle that is unpractical and unrealistic to be easier, put the time in and practice being better at it, and use common sense and stick to close-medium range.
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2014-05-01 09:23
Snipers in general, are well. SNIPERS - long distance combatants. They do have weapons for use in close range aka turning the "Sniper" into a Marksman and if you want to close in, switch to one of those. Same feel, you still got some distance but you require a few extra shots at times but not by many. Bolt Actions, who the hell would rush someone with an AR with a weapon that requires you to friggin cock a bolt before you reaim? Compared to a full-auto armor shredder? Snipers can do well in close range, but don't expect godly amounts of kills with a bolt action rifle. That's all, semi's do fine but it's smarter if your going head in to use a PDW/Handgun, both of which do wonders but don't expect the best of both worlds fused into one overly powerful death cannon. Sniper Rifles, are not hand cannons made for close range combat medium to long are the ideal zones.

- Remember Kiddies, to Snipe you don't just try to hoard kills. You actually need to work with a team to help spot out potential targets, take the time to aim, and THEN FIRE. Never just start cocking shots and hoping for a kill, just aim - take a moment. FIRE. Not, oh look ENEMY! Run in and shoot at him with a 12x scope. Silly buffed rifles.
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2014-11-28 11:01
herobfhero said:
PDW have a huge advantage over Sniper faster reload and ROF and the damage? try sniping in close engagement and message me back how frustrating it is, when that player should of died.

OK, I know this thread is old as all hell but I was forced to comment after seeing the level of idiocy displayed by the OP.
By his logic, shotguns should be OHKs from 200m and should be 100% accurate, otherwise snipers have an advantage.....
Not sure if you realise this, but there are pros and cons to every weapon set. That's called balance. If you're finding yourself in close range combat situations, you're playing sniper wrong. If you're not using claymores and c4 to save yourself from that situation, you're playing sniper wrong.
If you need a weapon that's long range but still good for short range, go the RFB or something. even the M4 or the Styer with a 4x is good out to about 500m.

You know why hip fire isn't a reliable shot at 15m? and why the scope is hard to use at that range? because the weapon is heavy and it's not made for that purpose. I know people have different play styles and I don't criticise them too often but you are just an idiot if you're really finding this to be a problem. Pick a shotgun if you want to go close range. Pick an automatic for mid range, pick a sniper (or accurate auto) for long range.

The above comment is a joke though. While I kill people all day with the RFB at about 300-400m, they are no where near a match for a sniper rifle. If you're getting picked off by guys with automatics, you're either terrible at spotting people before they spot you, or you can't make a shot to save your life.

Killing someone should take max 2 shots. Either a headshot first shot, or you hit the body and then you fire again in the same spot, or you miss the first shot and use the splash to put the second on their head. I can only imagine you're on of those guys who hangs over the edge of a building not realising that the whole map can see you firing round after round at moving targets below you. One of those idiots who spawns on me and starts firing round after round giving away my position.

Find some cover and concealment and wait for the right time to shoot. It's not rocket science.

In summary, stop being bad and choose a loadout that's tailored to your play style.
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