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Battlefield 3 has Stopped Working!

NO Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2011-10-26 21:42
Same issue...

W7 32-bit
4gb ram
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2011-10-26 21:43
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-10-26 21:58
Enabling Vsync fixed this issue for me.
CL Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-10-26 22:02
Intel core I7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz 3.06 GHz

4 gb RAM

32 bit op system

Nvidea gtx 650ti

IM TIERD.... plz solve this problem :S
AU Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2011-10-26 22:02
I managed to fix my game crashing issue by underclocking my GPU from 900 MHz to 850 MHz (Dual GTX 560 Ti SLI here).

Once I did this, no issues. Still, that's a fairly major fix just to get the game working properly, and I would like some kind of acknowledgment from DICE on this issue.
AT Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-10-26 22:41
I had crashes and freezes before too but it's gone now...

underclock graphic card. turn the settings on high instead of ultra...
V-sync off, aa off, AS 8x;

Realtek driver off in Bios and Windows (I play with headset G35)
PB update, repair the game...

it works for me.. i hope for you too
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2011-10-26 22:46
I found that reducing your graphics lower and disabling ambient occlusion and motion blur now let me finish games constantly!
CR Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-10-26 22:47
Try this, maybe it helps. []
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2011-10-26 22:47
Single Player works, MP / Coop crashes every ~5 Minutes.

Windows 7 32bit
AMD Phenom II 3GHz Quadcore
nVidia GTX470 1,2GB (Driver 285.62)
4 GB DDR3 1333 Patriot Memory
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2011-10-26 22:50 , edited 2011-10-26 22:51 by KabbitKaVro
GUYS! GUYS!!! I was crashing before very frequently, but after:

1) I turned OFF my full screen
2) I turned OFF my windows Aero (switched to basic)
3) reduced resolution, reduced settings to medium

it worked! I just played 2 matches, crash free!

I think BF3 uses alot of RAM therefore switching off windows aero really helps alot
Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-10-26 22:50
I can no longer even play the game. Every time I attempt to start it up - BF3 has stopped working.

gtx 560ti
6gigs Corsair DDR3
Core i7 920
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2011-10-26 22:51
Waiting for fix
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2011-10-26 23:07
I went out last night and bought this game at Best Buy and I have the Exact same problem as everyone here. Game stops responding and just freezes. I have to ctrl alt del to return to desktop. Campaign mode doesn't even start up on most attempts. In game menus and settings are fine its just when you launch the game.
At this point I tried everything. my specs are Asus GTX 580 i7 920 and my PC is perfectly updated!!.. I don't get it why its happening to so many of us and yet not to everyone...
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2011-10-27 00:16
having same prob get in the game and then frezzing and sound loop. really sucks. rember the same prob wit BF2 fix that wit headset wit usb. didnt work here edither. really hope this will get fix fast wit a new game. damn :(
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2011-10-27 00:18
Same problem here. Game crashes all the time.

Sound loop after crash can be fixed by going into device manager and disabling+re-enabling your sound card.
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2011-10-27 00:25
Same problem here. Once I've got into campaign, and after dying game won't load again, got to ctrl alt del and shut down the game. Haven't been able to play since.
Here are my specs if needed;
Asus P8P67
i7 2600k
8Gb Ripjaws
HD 6970
NO Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-10-27 00:35
If you have a Asus Nvidia card and have installed the Asus Smart Doctor and OSD tools, try uninstalling these. Someone suggested this as a fix, and it seems to work for me.

The game froze for me after a multiplayer match was over, and now I've been able to play 3-4 rounds without a crash!
I'm hoping to god this isn't just temporary, so far it looks good though!
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2011-10-27 01:19
same problem it pisses me off
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def_mode said:
I am currently running Firefox and maybe I should give Internet Explorer a try.

That's right - and if anybody can't read what the point is : they never will get it. As a matter of fact , BF3 downloaded in 20 minutes from start to playable on my rig. Although , I am using (2) NGTX (ELITEGROUP) 460's in SLI , modified with (2) heatpipes & heatsinks - which both have dual 92mm fans as well - on an X58 EVGA mobo , that is still quicker than any other game I have downloaded to date which is approx. 7-20gb in size.

I use Nvidia 260.99 drivers , and I'm not having any problems , nor did I in the Alpha or Beta with those drivers. I am in the process of working on my (2) Toshiba HD DVD players , in conjunction with my new Samsung PN50B650 Internet Plasma 50" HDTV - so I'm still not finished , but the effects are amazing.

If your Internet Explorer is completely OK , then you have to look at the drivers available (or ones that will work with your video cards) , and drop the resolution settings when you test them to find out if your rig is actually having a video driver problem or what. It is very common , if you have the wrong , or unuseable resolution settings - for any game to crash or completely refuse to start. Sometimes also , it does help to set your desktop shortcut that you use to Open the game to : maximize , instead of minimul etc. in the Properties setting - when you Open Properties in the shortcut. Sometimes if that setting is too low , by default , your video card drivers don't match the resolution you have set within your video card settings. Check that , and choose Apply to change the shortcut initial settings. And you should NOT need any full time BF3 taskbar startup icon appearing , which means you should have Unchecked the mark when you downloaded to avoid it completely. That makes it so that your game only works specifically off of the desktop shortcut when you Select Open. One last thing I always do when I download is : I don't leave the RUN GAME mark Checked either , which allows you to play immediately , while your desktop settings are still being created. I always Close the entire download to the desktop - then Test the Shortcut (maximized). Then the game opens and plays without any possible differences , or incomplete downloading etc. Restarting is also something you can do in this case , after you download - if the game doesn't respond to the Lone Desktop Shortcut by itself.
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2011-10-27 03:16
Still waiting for a fix EA. Did you lay off the entire dev team already?
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