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Realtek vs BF3 = solved !

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2011-10-26 20:17
Well after hours on end with trouble shooting... a high end system, pretty new parts. running component tests and whatnot - its realtek audio!

What todo if you got a realtek chip and you suffer from constant game freeze and crashes? disable realtek audio in bios, play all you want "iknow i am doing it now :D"

Got a 5800 series ATI gpu with hdmi audio out device to my reciever now for the sound itself instead. works perfect.

Hope this helps some. /cheers
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2011-10-26 20:19
I don't want to
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2011-10-26 20:20
lol having to disable all sounds simply to play the game fffffffuuu
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2011-10-26 20:21
Runicgol said:
lol having to disable all sounds simply to play the game fffffffuuu

agreed lol
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2011-10-26 20:23
Nah i got sound, through the GPU. So its playable with sound even without realtek :q Find yer own way if you dont got a spare soundcard or a gpu with audio out. aka wait for patches :p
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Makes sense. I would venture to guess a lot of the problems people are having *might* stem from the HD Audio driver (nvidia) and realtek on board sound. Earlier this year I install a newer version of the drivers for my video card and did express... totally jacked my system up. Had to remove all that crap and only use the video driver. Has worked perfectly ever since.

Don't use (nvidia) HD audio driver unless you absolutely need to.
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2011-10-26 20:26
i have Realtek ALC892 works like a charm btw. i have installed the barebone realtek drivers. Version 2.66 supports most realtek chips.
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Mofo, yeah havent tried the otherway around yet! could show the same result :o i should try dumping ATI HD audio driver and poke up realtek again aswell to see if it results in the same success.

¤ also had the 2.66 realtek drivers (didnt help :q) realtek chips differ in what type of chip model it is so, not all realtek chips should be affected by this trouble as obviously quite afew with realtek are playing without issue.
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2011-10-26 21:06
Tsenngu said:
i have Realtek ALC892 works like a charm btw. i have installed the barebone realtek drivers. Version 2.66 supports most realtek chips.

HOW are you getting surround sound working? I've tried everything, and it won't work. Only stereo out. I have the same chipset.
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2011-10-29 19:41
Exact same problem from BC2 it seems. I "solved" it by buying a cheap ass USB sound card. I miss surround sound =(
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2011-11-01 01:40
from, [] i uninstalled the drivers to let win default one, seems like stable .... seems no other choice but at leat i played 2 hour straight with no glitch just sucking SOUND !
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2011-11-01 03:26

I finally stumbled upon this discussion that the Realtek audio driver might be the problem. I uninstalled that from the normal uninstall location in Win 7. I then rebooted and let Win 7 install it's own generic HD audio driver. I started up the game and no more crashes to desktop. No kicks from the game. I am embarrassed to admit that my overall sound quality now seems to be better through my media player.

I was running Realtek Driver - 3.21 R2.60 Ver.
I am now running a no-name driver from Microsoft

Here are all the things that I tried wasting many hours. None of this worked:
- New video drivers, fresh install, uninstall, reinstall, roll-back, beta, etc...
- Updating Punkbuster (The instructions here in this forum, in the PB folder, and from the PB site)
- Changed every video setting in the game I could
- Ran the DirectX update
- Disabled SLI, removed SLI bridge
- Changed settings in the nVidia control panel
- Used the "update" right mouse button choice in Origin
- Used the "repair" right mouse button choice in Origin
- Uninstalled the game, reinstalled through Origin
- Uninstalled Origin and Sonar, reinstalled
- Stopped all unnecessary processes in Task Manager
-Disconnected all unused peripherials

I thought this was a video problem because I would occasionally get a DirectX error. It doesn't appear that had anything to do with it.

If you have a Realtek driver I recommend removing it and letting Win 7 install their driver. I think you will see the change and stop crashing/getting kicked from games.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to post about this fix! I love you.
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2011-11-01 03:29
It's stupid to have to disable your soundcard to make it work; granted, good find, but jesus Dice...
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2011-11-01 03:34
Runicgol said:
lol having to disable all sounds simply to play the game fffffffuuu
Had a hard time clicking the quote button, was laughing to much.

I love these "solutions", "hey, i fixed xyz problem! All I had to do was turn off my computer".
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Confirmed! Removing the Realtek driver and letting Windows 7 choose the one that gets re-installed works. I don't crash nearly as often.

I finally had to disable HD Audio in my bios to completely kill Realtek. Windows 7 would continue to find the hardware on my motherboard and try to install the bad drivers. After disabling that in the BIOS I now use my nVidia video card for sound.

I hope this helps.
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Anyone can tell how to disable this thing?

edit: not working with me.. :s
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2011-11-09 07:02
I supose that everybody here use remove wat for Win 7 ativation?......
it's a conflict between realtkek, punkbuster and bf3.
Fort he moment, desable soundcard is the only one solution.
sry for my bad english.
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2011-11-09 09:25
Still think its a Punk buster issue instead of a realtek one
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As a matter of interest how did you first realize this was a Realtek issue?

I'm not totally convinced either.

EDIT:..... well hoooooly sheeet I just got a massive boost in fps and the game actually sounds BETTER.
OP if you need some babies gimme a call.
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give it ago /

Ok done hope it works .. LOL .. cheers anyway .

Nope ... didnt stop me crashing at the end of map .. Pff this game is shit ..
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