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Battlefield 3 (PS3/XBOX360) Wishlist Thread

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Are there weapons, features or maps you'd like to see in Battlefield 3? Here is your chance to get your word across. Please post in this thread with features you'd like to see implemented or changed in future updates.

This thread is strictly for Battlefield 3 (PS3/XBOX360) suggestions

Be constructive in your comments, your feedback matters!
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I posted a comment here on my wishlist and most of it was actually implemented into the game after patches, so lets see if i can actually get more out of dice, which is a wonderful game company for actually implementy my suggestions.

a few wishes i've seen is

drastically different camo(some of the camo looks very similar to other camos, so how about digital camo's for urban and other environments)
an option to have more than one soldier model including but not limited to( an option to choose your own race, and maybe even facial gear)
an update to the soldier models on the marine side(ie support on marine faction actually having a uniform, recon on the marine side to have a drastic look as the recon on the russian faction look very similar and causes confusion to me at least)
new secondary firearms and unlocks to those secondaries unlocked just like primary unlocks so weapons in the secondary category have all kills counted towards service stars rather than have the tact and supp having different service stars(new secondary ideas ACP, desert eagle, .380 caliber .40 caliber and etc etc

i know as of now most of these suggestions are cosmetic, which is great for diversity as i would hate for people to no longer play bf3 when moh warfighter is released although i will be getting a copy mainly bc its like bf3 and it has an option to choose your faction which is great!

more will be posted as i go through the forums and gather some more great ideas
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1. Mute
2. Mute
3. Mute
4. In the deploy screen, mark more clearly were you are going to deploy. The white circle is sometimes very hard to see on crowded maps
5. Some server or private map to practice with vehicles.
6. Private matches.

Nothing more, the game is awesome other than that, but the mute missing and the flaky voicechat are awful when playing with friends.
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2011-10-27 12:15
please indicate our role(attacker or defender) before entering the map in rush mode!!l Just like the way it did in BC2!!
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2011-10-27 12:16
1. Separate sensitivity settings for ADS and not-ADS
2. Some way to practice air vehicles in privacy (think I'd piss people off crashing everything everywhere in a full server)
3. Clipping (only enemy's helmet is barely visible but he can shoot me no problem)
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2011-10-27 12:19
Custom/Private matches
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2011-10-27 12:20
Dedicated Servers.
You know how bad EA servers are.
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2011-10-27 12:21
its perfect
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2011-10-27 12:22
You should have the possibility to install the Xbox HD-texture pack on an usb-flashdrive.
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1. make aiming like it was on beta.
2. make damage like it was on beta.
3. add ability to cook grenades.
4. fix vaulting issue.
5. fix chat.
6. fix squad/parties.
7. option to leave the game in between matches.
8. option to customize class in between matches.

Please and thank you.
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2011-10-27 12:29
Ammo stations in the maps for those times that no one will drop ammo.
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All of these ideas are great.

I love this game, just minimize the lag, and keep releasing DLC after DLC, because this is my new Socom. I want to continue to be addicted to BF3. Says alot about this game, since i've always hated FPS shooters. Bravo!

Oh, I think it would be cool if you could talk to the person(s) who hop in any vehicle with you, squad member or not. I think that would be very cool and effective! Also, proximity chat is always fun, especially if you could hear the enemies communicating. It would cut down on the kids/annoying people yelling on the mics. Just a thought.
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1. Make it so we can stay together as a team when we matchmake or enter a server through browser, NO MATTER WHAT.

2. It DOES suck that as a recon... I don't even have the best scope distance. So I scope a guy and he scopes me... I shoot a bullet at him, he puts a rocket in my face.

3. Maybe an option in Matchmaking that would let people play with players that are at least somewhat similarly ranked. It does suck to have only starting rifles and be killed repeatedly by every Scar-h and his brother just because those guys had more time to play so far than I did...

4. Being able to shoot out of the windows of the tank if you're in a *just riding* seat. Same for any vehicle.... sucks to be just sitting there with nothing to do.
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2011-10-27 12:39
1) Be able to cook granades
2) Aiming with no input lag. Make it EXACTLY like in the BETA (remove vSync)
3) Private matches

and the most important one: CREATE A TUTORIAL/PRACTICE MODE so that people can LEARN how to fly jets & helicopters instead of breaking the team spirit in real matches. The one you had in Battlefield 1943 was perfect!
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2011-10-27 12:41
Parabolical said:
Ammo stations in the maps for those times that no one will drop ammo.
It's not our fault that you play with bad team-mates.
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2011-10-27 12:46
here are definitely a number of issues that need to be addressed:
- Ability to exit the game before a new round begins without having to fully exit out of BF3 and therefore recording a quit on your record
- Damage increase to recon weapons at range, particularly the semi autos
- "Floaters", as I call them ... characters who freeze after they die either standing up or laying down ... right now they're only serving as pretty good decoys
- Clarity around the support system ... better indications for medics on who needs help ... ability to call out for a revive
- Insert a help tip for new players that tells them the back button spots enemies in your sights! (XBOX)
- Helicopter / Jet controls ... either make them easier or offer a tutorial and practice mode offline
- Ability to use a mortar system that's available on the ground, even if you haven't attained 40,000 support points yet

I've only played 8 games so I'm sure there is more to come.

That said, this game is AWESOME. Loving it so far.
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2011-10-27 12:47
Definitely need a map to practice jets and helis.

Also, need to improve the squad/team system. There's no good reason why I shouldn't be able to put a team of 6,8,12 etc players together and take them all into a match, with the system separating us into squads. Being able to only put 4 players together makes it rough.

Great game otherwise...I can see being addicted to this one for a long time.
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2011-10-27 12:49
Xbox 360

-Private Matches
-When you are doing quick match, a option to search for Hardcore Matches. I understand I can go to the Server Browser, but that is a problem
-When browsing Server Browser and joining games, ability to take Squad to that game also
-Ammo drops
-A scope that does not include lens glare. (possible unlock)
-More Hardcore servers
-Ability to start server, and once starter leaves, transfers to highest connection
-Ability to ask for ammo, medical, a ride from a vehicle, a pick up (BFBC2)
-Ability to "cook" grenades

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2011-10-27 12:55
make a tutorial or let us create private matches to let us practice with vehicles, especially jets and helicopters. and making the spawn indication clearer, I sometimes have no idea we're i'm spawning into which doesn't help if you're trying to get to the vehicles or a particular location. Also not being able to quit between games is a bit of a nuisance especially if you don't want to actually leave BF3 only changing servers or to go and play campaign or co-op
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2011-10-27 12:56
whilst in vehicle option for third person view
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