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Mobile AA and where I can find them?

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2011-11-04 14:06 , edited 2011-11-04 14:08 by UserI987
I play mostly CQ on the 360 and was wondering why I have never seen a mobile aa on any of the maps. I would expect that caspian border or kharg island would have them but sadly either their invisible or PC players are the only ones that get to play with them. Makes me sad I decided to get the game for xbox to play with friends instead of PC.

Option A: play with friends (console)
Option B: get complete BF experience with out friends (PC)
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2011-11-04 14:12
They are only in rush. They may make an appearance in conquest on the B2K maps, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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2011-11-04 14:19
Mobile AA are on the 64 player Large Conquest maps for PC. They are also on Phase 2 of some rush maps, only rush maps sadly. And while they are called AA guns they are more like terminators. Once you get in one you are all but immortal and can take down everything but the mobile respawn vehicle in seconds.
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2011-11-04 14:25
I have found Mobile AA on both CQ and Rush on the Canals map. It will spawn on the defense side after the first or second set of M-Comms, behind the far left side building on the back road. I know this because I've gotten the Mobile AA perks.
@EliVicious - I think you are thinking of those mounted AA stations, not the mobile trucks. On Karg Island someone took a helicopter to the spawn carrier and got in the AA gun. Nobody could get him out and he destroyed every jet that spawned. Bastard went 32-0 in that round.
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