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How to update GPU Drivers Properly - 11.10 BSOD**

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2011-11-17 17:32
This is a quick guide for my series as the 11.10 on ATI will cause a BSOD when it boots to windows drivers during the update process. However one should never usually write over old drivers anyway so i thought id do a Multi guide for both ATI and Nvidia users on a Proper* GPU update. This will also cure the DDIx9 Problem with Nvidia Cards that will cause the game NOT to boot from a problem where it reads the wrong Directx verson.

So anyway to properly* Update a GPU driver one must remove the old one completely in order to prevent left over drivers on the HDD.


Driver sweeper []

Update it before you start this process. DO NOT RUN IT YET

Your new drivers make sure are on the PC before you start the process.
Advice to stop any major problems disable UAC during this process , Type UAC into start menu and put slider to bottom and reset

Step 1 Use the Software uninstall Manager to remove the drivers completely. ATI this is "AMD Catalyst uninstall manager" Nvidia its "Nvidia Graphics Driver" these are in Uninstall a program. To get to this quickly on MY Computer or Explorer its on the top bar. If not type uninstall into the Start menu. Or use Control panel.

-- If you hit problems during this like a BSOD with removing the 11.10 ATI drivers. Reset the PC and carry on the process after u have reset PC. It will finish fine.

Step 2 Reboot the PC (Safe mode can be usefull here but however i tend not to use it as its generally uneeded if you got windows update set to notify(to access safe mode Hammer F8 when windows boots))

Run Driver Sweeper on the GPU driver you just removed from the PC. So only Tick ATI or Nvidia depending on the card

After this has complete RESET the PC.

Step 3 If you did not remove UAC Right click the EXE of the new driver and select run as Admin. If you were smart and did , then just run the driver installer. Everything should go fine.

Step 4 Reboot the PC . And your now on the latest drivers and game will run fine.

If you hit major problems reboot to SAFE Mode and use System Restore to reset to a point just before you started the removal method.

Got any major problems you can return to the help thread here: []

GL and God Speed. ( Just overwriting old Drivers usually causes problems, a fresh install is always advised )
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thx,i will try it.
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2012-08-18 11:26
This did not work with me and my Gainward GeForce GTX 670 (Windows 7).

I have still the same problem that my Directx version is 11, but my DDI version is 9Ex. I have done everything I can think of, searched the whole internet (seriously), asked every friend who have a desktop computer.
Windows 8 solved my DirectX DDI version bug (says 9EX not 11).
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2012-09-27 20:01
Same here, I have a MSI 670 power edition and it keeps crashing on windows 7 64 bit after loading on a multiplayer match.
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