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[PC] =CKS= Gaming Recruiting!

GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-11-21 21:15 , edited 2013-11-30 10:19 by n0obkilla
Hello I am the Community Leader here at =CKS= Gaming and we strive to provide a fun, fair and friendly environment for our online multi-gaming community to play on and enjoy. With our zero tollerance policy to hacking of any kind our members have the freedom to come together to share experience, tactics and most of all to play the games they enjoy hassle free.

We have been around since 2004 back when we played BHD so we are a well established multi-gaming community. We also have a competive side of gaming and are part of the Eurodomination, Clanbase & ESL Leagues and will soon start playing 16v16 friendly scrims for BF4 as well as other games.

We are currently running 2 servers for Battlefield 4 as well as having core member groups for LoL, WoW, SWTOR & COD. We are looking to continue competitive gaming in ESL looking to play 4v4 - 8v8 matches. We run a professional website and forums customised to our needs as well as having our own teamspeak licence and 512 slot server.

- Most of all want to have fun!
- 18+ Teamspeak 3 + Mic
- Mature, Friendly & Teamplayer
- Active Gamer
- No hacking history

Conquest Server [battlelog.battlefield.com]
TDM Server [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Website [cks-gaming.co.uk]
Register at [cks-gaming.co.uk]
Main Platoon [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Recruits Platoon [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Facebook [facebook.com]
Xfire [xfire.com]

Join Us today! CKS-Gaming taking PC gaming to the next level!
Shoot to kill, or I'll make you wish you had!
NL Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2011-11-21 21:16
NO Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-11-22 23:30
Still recruting new members :) got 3 servers with 1k tickets :)
NL Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2011-11-26 13:42
AT Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2011-11-26 17:10
bump :) run with us and win! fun community
NL Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2011-11-27 09:48
Lets go for it!
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-11-30 16:43
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-12-02 15:17
Join the winning team, or die like the rest!
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-12-05 17:25
They see us owning, they hatin'...

If you want to sing along... Join our community!
A Stoner Powner from Amsterdam
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-12-05 20:56
We now have a 4th server US based! Come check us out!!
Shoot to kill, or I'll make you wish you had!
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-12-07 16:25
Join the winning side! :)
US Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2011-12-07 18:50
awesome group of guys!
AT Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2011-12-08 11:18
do you play to go to war or do you play to have fun? if your answer is both join our servers for 35minutes of competitive gameplay and quickly see that Combat Killerz Squad provides a fun community and as Patron of CKS shortly says, "the winning side"! We have simple rules which are enforced and friendly admins!
GR Enlisted: 2011-11-01
2011-12-08 20:41
SE Enlisted: 2011-11-02
2011-12-08 20:41
Nice shit going down
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-12-11 12:12
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-12-11 19:22
NL Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-12-11 20:34
-> This isnt a bump <-
A Stoner Powner from Amsterdam
SE Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2011-12-12 05:51
Tierd of booring gameplay with noobs? well not anymore!
UM Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-12-12 06:13
Or you could get the f- down, cuz Angel's are getting made.

From a tactical, teamwork based clan to another squad / clan / platoon / person looking for a clan (yeah we cover all bases), good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Now you're thread's bumped! You're welcome! ;-)

Don't like us to BUMP your thread?

War us.

=AM= 1SG SapperDaddy21B

Game Server Link:
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/6a461f9d-f0ce-4db5-8d18-1f4fcb70c05e/NFO-AM-Angel-Makers-Large-Conquest-24-7-HC-Hardcore/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/servers/show/f16481c8-b8bd-43e4-bd72-141c36a4a857/AM-Angel-Makers-MeatGrinder-Metro-24-7/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Check out our platoon page @
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391304349138/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Our website is @
http://www.angelmakerclan.com [angelmakerclan.com]
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Thread is locked.