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BF3 PC Server R10 is out

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Make it as in Bad Company 2, round restarts when 2 or 4 players join and stats start to count.
Waiting for 4-5 players just to move around map is ridiculous! (server killer)

I forgot to mention one more thing before.... Where is the map timer ?
Round should last XYZ of tickets or XY minutes, right ? :D
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XeF-GR said:
Yay now i can play other games while seeding our server.Thank you .FFS
yup this is exactly whats been going on with our server. we get random people in just almost enough to start then they get impatient to play and LEAVE.
and we wait , sitting in an server with 2-3 people as randomers come and go without being able to play..............................................................................
just a foot note :
I live in oregon and play in the mornings . I have been doing so since the internet has been around. I play mostly midwest/east coast servers with always a 100 plus ping. The server I rented is in chicago. why you ask would I being from oregon rent a server in chicago to play bf3 ?? because thats where my gaming buddies all live.

DEXWORLD ranked bf3 server mixed rush conquest

empty most of the time now because we cant get enough players with the current 4./5 man start. I say 5 because thats what ours takes . it won't go 4 no matter how it's set up.
I need a 2 man start in order to keep the server going to get players to get donations to keep things going .... otherwise it's loss of REVENUE .... and I start server hopping to play . because playing is what I enjoy first and foremost. sitting on a server waiting for players is not on my long list of things to do.........
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2011-12-02 17:44
Good Luck , seems DICE is not particularly fond of people being to populate servers.
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2011-12-16 15:36
hi i have a VPS , can i create a BF3 server in my vps ?
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