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Your Feedback Requested: Future Balance Updates

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2014-12-29 17:07
This is old
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2015-03-07 00:16
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2015-03-18 00:35
"Almost" all good here. Reason for not being at 100% battlefield satisfied- My fellow (PS3) console players and I, are still suffering from input lag of different types. Also the situation with "VOIP" - Something better to where the whole team can listen to whom ever they wish. Just because there are a few different squads in a team- we are all still a team on the battlefield. That communication is KEY! Also would love the option for both teams to hear each other at the end of a battle. Other than that- PLEASE, reduce the amount of crap we gave to go through to unlock the PHANTOM BOW!!! P.S. I LOVE MY BATTLEFIELD
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2015-03-26 10:15
People are still trying to post some feedback here? silly,EA doesn't give a F about any BF3 player anymore.
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2015-03-31 18:31
jaydogg81st said:
reduce the amount of crap we gave to go through to unlock the PHANTOM BOW!!!

Wrong forum this is BF3.
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2015-10-04 01:10
Please add battle screen option for PS3 players. I only have iPad mini, but I believe who ever developes these features can make it happen.
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ONE bullet to the head should be sufficient to get a kill, not two red hit markers. But one bullet to an arm or leg is lethal from a sniper rifle? (BFH)
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