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BF3 GUI Concept + Community Patch List (PC)

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Battlefield 3 GUI Concept + Community Patch List (PC)

Hi all Battlefield veterans and fans!

After over one week of hard work I'm finally releasing my big project! It's basically a new GUI(Graphical User Interface) and a patch list that the community want to be fixed or implemented in to the game. I've been collecting information regarding all parts of BF3. Using community feedback to DICE and then made the patch list and UI.

I have been playing Battlefield since 1942, so most in this project is inspired by old BF games. Mostly BF2/2142.

GUI Design Concept

- Here is the Battlefield 3 SPAWN MENU GUI concept. (KITS, SQUADS(VOIP), DEPLOY, SOLDIER, VEHICLES & CHAT)
* [] * (Click image to see full resolution.)

- Here is the Battlefield 3 IN-GAME HUD, Command Rose & End of Round GUI concept.
* [] * (Click image to see full resolution.)

Community Patch List

General Fixes

- Fix the ”Black Screen” that occurs when spawning in or, entering certain vehicles. E.g. LittleBird F2-F4 positions. (Fades from black for about 0.5 & 1 sec.)
- When spawning on a squad mate, allow the player to spawn in the same direction as he/she is facing.
- When revived, allow the player to DIRECTLY move sideways, to DIRECTLY get up(standing OR crouching), and to DIRECTLY move when you have stood
up(standing OR crouching).
- If spawn point is unavailable, DO NOT auto spawn on team base. Allow the player to choose a new spawn point instead.
- Add explosions to TV Missiles. ATM, no explosion occurs at all. * [] *
- ENTER button during killcam will exit the killcam and take you directly to the spawn menu. You will not be able to be revived after exiting killcam.
- Enable more/deeper ground destruction. Alpha version was good.
* [] *
- Option for Command Rose to show up directly when "Q" is pressed, like BF2.
- Fix bug which makes you "lag-slide" when moving sideways using the PK-A(3.4x)(also on .44) or the Russian 4x scope.
* [] *
- Revamp the Command Rose sound layers so it's on the top for everyone.
- Add blinking icon to player who yell for ammo, medic etc.

Game Balance and Gameplay (Infantry & Weapons)

- "1HitKill" with bolt action sniper rifles; up to 7M for SV98 from waist to neck, up to 10M for M40 from waist to neck and up to 15M for M98B from waist to neck.
- Increase the damage of the Javelin against both armored and unarmored vehicles. "1HitKill" against Growler ITV & VDV Buggy. 2 shots = 80 damage against
armored vehicles(First rocket = Disable).
- "1HitKill" against all vehicles using the Javelin with SOFLAM, or other laser painter.
- Increase the total amount of Javelin rockets carried both when using "Explosive Upgrade/SQD Explosive Upgrade" and when not.
- "1HitKill" against Growler, Buggy, Attack/Scout helicopter and Jets using RPG7/SMAW.
- Slightly increase the damage of RPG7/SMAW against the front of fully armored vehicles.
- Allow the player to use the SOFLAM as a binocular(mobile) when zooming(pressing RMB). And place it as usual when pressing LMB.
- Allow the player to enter his/her placed Mortar(again) without having to pick it up first.
- Allow the MAV to JAM the Mortar mini-map for 45sec. Distortion effect on the mini-map when "in" the Mortar. (Still need to wait 45sec even if you "reload" the
- Add a "tip on screen" for Mortars, stating the buttons for smoke/explosives.
- Give more points for spotting enemies. 20 at least.
- Decrease the time it takes for the parachute to deploy.

Game Balance and Gameplay (Vehicles)

- Make it easier to drive the EOD bot(turning).
- Increase the acceleration and top speed of the HMMWV and Vodnik.
- Decrease the armor on mobile AA tank.
- Increase the reload time on heat seekers for mobile AA tank.
- Increase the spread of gatling gun for mobile AA tank. (So it's only powerful at close to medium range.)
- Fix the TV Missile so it DOESN'T bounce off targets or fly through other air vehicles.
- Damage from TV Missile against armored vehicles: 70 damage.
- Increase the splash damage from TV Missiles so it kills infantry within 1m radius.
- Decrease the Lock-On time for Guided Missile on Helicopter gunner, Jet and Scout Helicopter.
- Increase the damage from Jet's Guided Missile: 80 damage against fully armored vehicles .
- "1HitKill" against jeeps with Jets guided missile.
- Decrease the range of stationary AA guns(Centurion C-RAM & Pantsir-S1).
- "1HitKill" with tank shells against jeeps.
- "1HitKill" with tank shells against air vehicles.
- Higher splash damage from tank shells against infantry.
- Add horns to jeeps(Growler, Buggy, HMMWV and Vodnik).
- (DRIVER ONLY)Add transport points(30) when passenger jumps out of vehicle(AH-6J LITTLE BIRD, Z-11W, UH-1Y VENOM, KA-60 KASATKA, BMP-2M,
LAV-25, AAV-7A1 AMTRAC, RHIB BOAT, M1114 HMMWV, GAZ-3937 VODNIK, VDV BUGGY, GROWLER ITV) . 25sec cool down before same person can "give"
you transport points.
- Give the gunners of transport helicopters and jeeps hitmarkers. (UH-1Y VENOM, KA-60 KASATKA, VDV BUGGY, GROWLER ITV).
- More vehicles should spawn at flags in 64 player Conquest Large mode.
- Add HMMWV and VODNIK to Conquest (Small & Large) gamemode.
- More points for "Driver Kill Assist". (40)

HUD Fixes

- Add flag letter to both flags on minimap and on the minimap "flag bar". Also add A/B on rush.
- Auto zoom system on minimap that will match to the speed of your vehicle. Map will smoothly zoom out when getting up in higher speed.
- Repair icon showed on HUD in vehicle when being repaired.

General Gameplay Wishlist

- Two man jets; Pilots have gatling gun and heat seekers or rocket pods.
Co-Pilot have "free-cam" and can switch to Guided Missile or TV-Missile. This could be an unlock for the existing Jets.
Like the CITV station for tanks. * [] *
- Exiting jet in air will use catapult launcher.
- Be able to do barrel roll with attack helicopters. * [] *
- "Air Support Spotting". RMB click in Command Rose on a ground vehicle/soldier will notice air vehicles with voice message and "Strafe Run" icon next to the
spot icon. Both air killer and the person who spotted will get extra points when the enemy or vehicle is killed and/or destroyed.
- Allow the player to make the "Sprint Move" from prone as it was in ALPHA and BETA. * [] *
- "Face camera" for vehicles.
- Smoke tail from the jet wings (Like BF2). * [] *
- Be able to throw C4s (half the length) as in BC2.
- Add the Black Hawk helicopter to the game. (Classic BF Vehicle)
- Light posts should be destructible by vehicles.
- Option for separate mouse sensitivity for jets.
- Give the ability to disable the Command Rose and only use the "BC2" Command system.
- Bring back the AT4 from BC2.

Battlelog and Forum Wishlist

- Add a list of taken dog tags with player names.
- Taken dog tags should show up in Battle feed. Dog tag icon should link to owner of dog tag.
- Collaterals (more than one kill with only one bullet) should show up on Battle feed and show the players who got killed by the bullet. Should also show the
used weapon.
- Be able to send PM's(Private Messages) to non-friends on Battlelog.
- Be able to view "My Page" on the Battlelog forum. Here you can see "Created Threads", "Threads I've Posted In" etc.
- Links in Battle feed should be clickable.

Please take a minute to like the post @ []
This so the dev. team can see it!

I'm really glad that you made it to this text (Y), don't stop now though :)

If you would like to add/delete/change something in this list, you should e-mail me at
I will not care about suggestions posted in this thread.

If I change something in this thread I will post that on my Twitter. So feel free to follow me (@wirrew) and hit me up with some thoughts of this project!

I recommend you to NOT "sign" in this thread. If you want to support this project, please e-mail me (same address as above) saying
"Hi, I want to support your project! // (Battlelog-nickname/" and I will make a list of all the people that support this.

We are together the Battlefield community, and we are the only one together that can make DICE change their mind. So if you liked this, feel free to share it with your friends and the internet! Take care, enjoy the great game DICE has developed and I'll see you on the Battlefield!

Thanks to LoASWE @ Battlelog for the help and support with this project!

// wirrew
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You deserve a medal and a job at DICE My name is Hawksh0t and I approve this message.
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- Here is the Battlefield 3 SPAWN MENU GUI concept. (KITS, SQUADS(VOIP), DEPLOY, SOLDIER, VEHICLES & CHAT)
* [] * (Click image to see full resolution.)

Don't like it... too complicated. It would make my brain explode.

- Here is the Battlefield 3 IN-GAME HUD, Command Rose & End of Round GUI concept.
* [] * (Click image to see full resolution.)

Don't mind this, pretty cool.
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2011-12-05 23:49
Dice, listen to this man!
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2011-12-05 23:49
Very nicely done!
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2011-12-05 23:51
All that effort and knowing that Dice won't use any of this.

Must suck.
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2011-12-05 23:52
2 Huge thumbs up!!
FI Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2011-12-05 23:54
u have my axe
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2011-12-05 23:57
Most of it sounds great, certainly the HUD and GUI stuff.

Take notes on this Dice, or hire this man
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2011-12-05 23:57
you have done better job in one week than whole company in 5 years!! +1
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2011-12-05 23:58
Very good points and most of these would have made the game much better. I still don't understand why DICE stripped this game of so many great features...
Hola Señorita
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2011-12-05 23:58
Wow, thats nice work man. A+ for layout and A++ for photoshop work. If its one thing that i hate above all other problems in this games its the GUI system.
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2011-12-05 23:59
Great thread, will they implement proposed changes to the current console UI and features in BF3? I doubt it.
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2011-12-06 00:01
Very good suggestions for the GUI, either way a huge improvement over the existing one! Great work!
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This makes me sick. Hire this guy DICE. Oh wait I don't think you can be hired sorry, you're too good. Game has been out for a month and you've done more than the devs in years regarding the UI/features.


I support this thread 100% and if you're reading devs, I highly suggest you take this patch list, AND UI configuration into consideration if you want this game to succeed and excel the battlefield series.
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2011-12-06 00:03
CronuSIXS said:

Don't do that, it's not a petition...
Hola Señorita
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2011-12-06 00:03
CronuSIXS said:

Don't sign it, just agree with it. They'll lock it.
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2011-12-06 00:04
Awesome man ! I liked the chat at the end of round.
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2011-12-06 00:05
every thing except the OHK snipers sounds fine, the whole reason snipers only OHK on head shots is so people wouldnt go around trying to no scope with them. The last thing we need are scrub recons running around using their rifles as ghetto shotguns when people get in close quarters with them.
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2011-12-06 00:06
This makes me moist
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