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Melee/knife tips

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Hi guys,

Since B2K came out I've been trying to figure out a way to get the MP5. The repairs were the easy bit, as I'm sure anyone would attest.

My shortfall is melee/knifing. I need a blowtorch kill to unlock the MP5 but I'm barely able to find anyone I can knife, let alone torch to death to get the desired weapon.

In all my playtime thus far I've only gotten the one knife kill, and that was after emptying my pistol and being about 2cm from an enemy's face. I've never, EVER been adept at scoring knife kills in any battlefield game. They're usually one in a million for me. I'm finding that in the very few chances I do get, I instantly hit the trigger and impose a quadriplegia/death cocktail on someone before I even consider breaking out the melee weapon.

Therefore, if anyone has any advice they could give, I'd be most appreciative. At the moment I've been testing out some weapons on op metro, mixing it up with Caspian border, Kharg and Noshahr so if any of those are terrible maps for it, feel free to be blunt and let me know.

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2011-12-14 01:57
It's all about knowing the popular paths and positions. Just hide in a corner beside such a place and wait for the free kill. All you need is patience and a bit of luck.
P.S.: Seine Crossing worked for me on the first try. :)
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2011-12-14 02:00
i have knife configured to one of my mouse buttons so as soon as i sneak up on someone or stumble upon them, bam, knife deployed and i'm stabbing. Not sure if this makes a difference, but with 80+ knife kills, it works for me. Caspian and Kharg are my main maps that I play. Just keep looking, there is always someone to sneak up on.
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Does anyone know how long a blowtorch takes to kill someone?

The knife is good and all but for the unlock I have to burn off some eyebrows.

Thanks for the advice thus far btw
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2011-12-14 02:11
The torch shouldn't take much time at all; though I cant really say I know the exact time. If you sneak up behind someone and hit them with it, they'll probably be dead before they know what the hell happened.

As for melee advice, snipers are pretty easy targets if you manage to get behind them without them noticing. (That and hopefully don't have a clay more set up.)
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wrosewarne said:
Does anyone know how long a blowtorch takes to kill someone?

The knife is good and all but for the unlock I have to burn off some eyebrows.

Thanks for the advice thus far btw
Long enough that it's risky on someone standing up - they can turn on you with their gun if they're quick; but short enough to easily kill a prone sniper.

Got my vehicle destroy with the repair tool today for the assignment after that too, quite lucky since I could see that one taking a while to manage.
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2011-12-14 03:43
The best advice I can give you from my experience is to wait out in the high pop areas or around objectives where enemies are likely to be. Finding a person using a mortar is also a great way as it is how I got my blowtorch kill. Snipers are also great targets if you can find them. Support players relying on the claymore for protection can be easily passed by just crouching past the thing, look up for the light up on the mini map and give them a knife surprise.
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2011-12-14 03:56
Does a EOD bot kill count? They can be rather sneaky at times.
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Knifing in this game represents a 0.00 skill. Since an enemy cant hear you you can plant a stack of C4 around him and detonate,
not to mention knifing and burning with torch.
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2011-12-14 04:05
You'd think that I'd have some good tips but I don't :S With over 500 kills, I can't really think of any particular strategy that I employ each game. It's really all about flanking, be aware of where your enemies are and positioning. Oh and patience. Knife kills are pretty rare for me too, I guess my tip would be "don't force it". If you manage to sneak up on someone, don't pull out your knife until you're right next to him. Be precise, be patient, be thorough.
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2011-12-14 04:08
just hop into a TDM ! theres heaps of easy knife moments .
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2011-12-14 05:02
basically have a quick knife button set up so that if you ever are behind someone you can get a instant kill. On console its even easier considering they already have a quick knife button. As far as tips go, knifing is all about beings sneaky. I got way more knife kills using recon kit and being away from the battle than I ever had gunning people down. When your pistol is your best offensive weapon, you learn to sneak around and knife people lol. Try conquest maps, especially ones without a lot of vehicles. stand right outside the enemies base and just wait for someone to run past you
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2011-12-14 10:08
Thanks for your feedback, everyone.

Has been well received. I'll see how I go tonight.

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2011-12-14 10:14
Sprint/squad sprint definitely helps with knife kills.
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That shows just how completely oblivious most people are in the game. They will stare in one direction and completely fail to notice a team mate getting knifed nexto them, or even turn around when they start taking damage. Recons are easy meat as always, but other players can tunnel vision just as easily. Remember that they always feel safe in 'friendly' territory (a secured/captured area) and usually wont be on their guard, checking corners, looking behind, etc.

One of the best times to get a melee kill is when you spot a lone target with their back to you; resist the urge to shoot them in the back and instead sprint after them. Be ready to open fire incase they turn around, but usually you can close the gap and get the kill.
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2011-12-14 11:30
Sneak up on them, press "f", it's the default quick knife button and triggers the kill.
Sometimes it is bugged and you just knife the air and get shot.
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2011-12-14 11:50
the key to getting knife kills is to be aware of opportunities, next time you see somebody 20 feet away facing th other direction, think to yourself, oh ill knife this guy. You'll do a lot better in the end if you are actively seeking knife targets rather than trying to stumble upon them.
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2011-12-14 11:57
I tend to get knife kills on the maps with shipping containers, such as Nosehair and Kharg. Also, look for enemies that stare out of windows, particularly out of the apartment blocks in Metro and Seine.
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2011-12-14 12:00
try to get behind them. metro is a perfect example: make your way to the tunnel entrance, wait in a corner until someone runs past you, follow and knife. job done.

but would a kill on metro contribute to the assignments anyway?
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2011-12-14 12:24
knifing in this game is easy as fuck and it looks fuckin awesome
whenever you see someone lying somewhere creat a path to his back (in your mind) and before running straight to him check the area for any enemies
but then again... maybe it's just me...
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