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I think I just found a fix to my crashing....

US Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-12-17 09:36
I should start off by saying that I hadn't logged into BF3 in awhile. I logged in this week to get the B2K update and also my Origin was updated to the latest version. I would play about 20 minutes tops before the BF3 game client would crash to desktop randomly. I started noticing that it would freeze first and that I sometimes had mouse movement. This led me to believe that some other program behind BF3 had context and could be causing the crash. The first thing I went to was Origin. I shut off the "Enable Origin In Game" overlay option under settings and I have only had 1 crash in about 5 hours of play. It is a night and day difference from crashing every 10 to 20 minutes to not crashing at all. I would say that if you have crashing problems turn off Origin's in game overlay.


My game kept crashing randomly.
I turned off Origin In Game overlay and my game isn't crashing any more.

Pic of the setting: []

I hope this helps some players...
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2011-12-17 10:17
Yup since the last patch the origin overlay has about a 20-30% chance of crashing my game, no problems prepatch - of the technical sort that is, IMO origin is a problem in itself ;P
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