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using Skype instead of PS3 VOIP?

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2011-12-24 20:45
I know some users have went to skype for chat....
has any one found a way to use skype while still using headphones (Turtle Beach/Tritton) is there a way to hook it up and make it work? so you can hear the game and use skype chat?
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2011-12-24 20:47
I for one use my iPod for skyping while playing on my PS3 in the other room. I guess you could try that and plug in headphones too?
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2011-12-24 20:52
I'll have to google some stuff and see if I can find something on hooking them together if its possible....that is one good thing about the ipod touch for the skype capabilities!
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I heard that alot of PC players use skype while using Steam and other games with poor party systems. its not a bad idea and i have to complement those using such a method along side their PS3.

in theory wouldn't using a single ear comms headset be enough? that is of course if your PC is within reach with the jack and cable.

i often use the Xbox live party chat for talking to players while on World in Conflict on the PC
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2011-12-24 21:00
I can't use skype when playing, my connection is shit as it is.:(
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2011-12-24 21:09
I was thinking about the way you hook up a headset with the PS3/XBOX you have the 2 audio cables which you plug in the audio coming out of the PS3 which would be your game audio, and then you have the USB which powers the headset and I think sends/receives chat....I wonder if you hooked up the USB cable to a computer if you could make it work that way?

I'll have to move a computer and test this theory and see if it would work
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2011-12-24 21:13
-The clan I run with uses Skype during our gaming times. The best thing I have found so far is using my computer to run com's will using the TV for game sounds. Now if PS3 could get with skype and make an app for the PS3, it would be great.
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2011-12-24 21:14
I use Skype when I play LoL and SCII.
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2011-12-24 21:18
I have a PX21 and would hate to give up that to skype. So as to the OP's thread, I am not sure if there is a way. Unless skype can work USB for chat and the R/W AV cables can go to TV?
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I have a PX21 and the Earforce DSS and do this to talk to friends on skype. []

Apply the same concept to similar situations and have fun.
Note: You computer will download drivers for your Turtlebeach headset for it to work.

For Astros users, there should be a PC audio/mic cable included with your headset. I don't remember how my friend did it, but find a way to hook that up with your mixamp and headset.
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2011-12-26 22:45
I know some users have went to skype for chat....
has any one found a way to use skype while still using headphones (Turtle Beach/Tritton) is there a way to hook it up and make it work? so you can hear the game and use skype chat?

I had headphones tritton180s and you can use them by plugging the usb into your laptop. I don't know about hd headphones like tritton 720s though.
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2011-12-26 22:47
I use the TB PX21 headset...

USB into laptop and L/R inline audio cables out of the PS3..

I can hear all game sounds and use skype at the same time.. If I want to use PS3 comms, I can just unplug the USB and move it to PS3.
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2011-12-26 22:49
Some of the guys I play with Skype via USB from the computer and have game sounds via bluetooth from the PS3. Most are using Turtle Beach headsets. I use Skype through my Droid with an earbud under my Sony Ps3 Headset.
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2011-12-26 22:52
yes i used my turtlebeache P11 in my pc for skype (me and my friends have a massive gaming group that we use for all games, including pc games) so me and my friend just used that so we could also talk to our other friends, for the turtlebeach if you want PS3 sound and pc skype chatting plug USB into pc, and the green auxillery cable into the designated port that came with it that plugs into the tv. works fine
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2011-12-26 22:59
What they really need is bring the commo rose to the consoles, in case those who haven't used it before: it is like a hotkey to communicate with your teammates like saying "cover me" " follow me" etc

It is really useful, at least it was back in battlefield 2142
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Steelseries Siberia Headset V2 Edition (PS3) ( [] - I actually paid half that) and use the USB from PC (well Mac to be honest) that uses 'Skype' or 'Mumble', I then us the 3,5mm jack to my TV that the headset comes with. I'm sure other people can make similar set ups.

This headset comes with a voice control for chat and game, so one is controlling Skype and the other the PS3 sound. It means I have a lot more control.

If however buying a new headset is not what you want then try the 'SteelSeries Audiomixer'(, [] it comes with my headphones as standard (only the PS3 version) and is compatible with MOST headphones that come with a headphone & microphone jack. Check out the above link at check out specifications to see how to plug it up each system and remember mine is a modified version of TV-PS3/PC.

However - I don't use it with BF3 haha, just SP games so I can still chat to my friends while playing Skyrim or whatever.

TLDR; ADHD sucks right, so you miss out on the solution.

Edit: I want to be able to press down on a D-pad button to switch between; Team & Squad chat, Squad chat (while hearing others using team chat), Squad only (can't hear those using team to ignore the occasional mouth-breather and only hear my lovely squad).
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2011-12-26 23:24
I use an Astros Mixamp with my headset which allows me to use Skype and game in 5.1 DD.
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2011-12-26 23:34
I've just moved my ps3 next to my PC and hooked it into my monitor. From there just pressing the input button to swap between the two, great for mulitasking more -so with a dual screen setup :D and the sound cables dont have to be all over the place.

The ps3 audio leads loop into my sound card and both sounds come through my headset/mic. From that i can use skype/steam/TS whatever as wel las hear the game.
It sucks on a smaller screen (than a 52" tv's) is a requirement for me and my families sanity :p. besides, im gonna hook it up to the rear projector and another PC soon in the theater room :O

****please keep in mind, for the sound set up/ps3: i have a wireless USB headset that works fantastic with the PC.... BUT!....OVER-RIDES the sound card!!!!
this means i cant use a USB headset with the ps3 setup, only the standard jack setup*****

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2011-12-27 00:19
I have a strange brand called ORB GP1. They have 2 jacks. One USB and one 3.5mm jack. I plug the 3.5 jack into my TV so I can hear the game and then plug the USB into my pc so I can hear everything on my computer.

Pretty convenient in my opinion.
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2011-12-27 00:22
Isn't it crazy the kind of work arounds we have to come up with just to communicate in this damn game?
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