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Appearance Change!

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2012-07-22 00:46
i think assembling your combat gear would be the thing i'd rather see.
its kinda weird seeing a russian sniper shooting with an SV98 bolt action ,yet still carrying several SVD magazines in his Lazudchik chest rig.
sweet ideas.
but actually, 90% of players doesn't care about camo at all. They use the default in every environment. Even if they change , they dont pick the uniform that suits for that map............there are exceptions of course.
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2015-03-30 17:33
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2015-03-30 21:53
Why would you bump a thread that's been dead for about 4 years?
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2015-03-31 06:45
Acer_Steam said:

I just...I can't...huh?
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2015-03-31 12:04
I want a female version ;w;
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2015-04-01 02:56
bump lolololoolololl
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2015-04-01 21:51
Theres people playing as assault but they appear as an engi, does anyone know how to do this?

I don't mean kit switching, but to spawn in as an engi but with the assault weapons
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