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Recon noob tips

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Recon noob tips

1)Laying prone 300+ away from the action does not make you get better.
2)Get in close 100 to 200 then if you miss you die you will improve faster that way.
3)Position yourself between two flags.
4)The great skyscraper sniper spots are where everyone expects snipers thus making them bad spots avoid them.
5)Set yourself a goal example caspian keep B and D flags move between the two use the TUGS deploy it when capping flag then pick it up and move on.
6)Stealth setup QBU-88,PKA-S HOLO scope (no scope glare), silencer and G18 supp.
7)Never stay scoped in glare and tunnel vision = easy target.
8)Kill and move, camping only works against noobs.
9)Do not spray shots if you miss 3 to 4 shots relocate.
10)Use the MAV to lock on and destroy other MAVS.
11)If both teams are even say 15/20 tickets left deploy the MAV it could give your team the edge.
12)Deploying the MAV at your feet and it will act like a slow refresh TUGS.
13)Do not switch between 8x and 12x scopes it will mess up your accuracy.
14)Once you deploy SOFLAM move away from it to operate it the red beam will light you up.
15)Always Spot make it a habit.
16)Put your spawn beacon close to objectives in dark places indoors if possible to avoid the parachute.
17)If you get a hitmarker close range with bolt action switch to pistol to finish the job.
18)Best sidearm whatever works for you i use G18 supp but .44 magnum also a good choice.
19)If you trade shots with another sniper relocate then target him from another angle.
20)Aim for one flag attacker ribbon per match it will rank you up alot faster improve your score per minute and make you a team player.
21)Use a mic just saying losing bravo, enemy chopper spotted, tank heading to charlie will help your squad.
22)when you see a tank avoid it your job is only to spot it for your team this really helps your teams chopper.
23)Always go for headshots obvious i know.
24)By aiming at a flag it tells you your range from that point example m98b 12x scope first line down is 500m.
25)Keeping an eye on or around friendly tanks results in easy enemy engineer kills too distracted with the tank to think about snipers.

a)Sniper rifle choice depends on a few things your play style and map. On a small map you want a QBU-88, SKS or EMR with low powered scope, grip and silencer.the SKS and EMR are your best bet. For long range i would recommend M98B and L96 as these rifles have the lowest bullet drop use a bi-pod. The SV98 andM40 with 8xscope and smooth bolt are more mid to long range.The best alround rifle is the L96 with a smooth bolt and 8x scope imo.
b)The importance of movement everyone hates getting sniped and 90% of them will either look to flank you, get a tank and go hunting for you or change class to recon and counter snipe you this gives them the advantage as they have seen your location on the killcam so after a kill move.
c)Often i see recon players using the laser sight attachment this only helps when sniping in the dark damavan peak tunnels etc but most of the time willjust give your position away.
d)Squad specialization perk choice i would recommend ammo for the semi auto rifles and either suppression or counter suppression for the bolts.Suppression makes it harder for the enemy to find where that shot came from and counter suppression could be the difference between you firing that last shot or not.
e)Take your time when you see a target dont start spraying wait on him stopping then take you shot.
f)Mindset=sneaky ninja move slow always flank on every map a route that works in one game will work again.
g)Use the MAV to scout a flag area if it is clear move in and take it if the enemy team only has one flag you know where your targets are coming from.
h)When using a suppressor stay clear of team mates or the guy next to you with the lmg will get you killed.
i)Adding a suppressor to a bolt action is deadly but increases bullet drop when using a suppressor you should be either beside or behind the enemy team.
j)If you suspect your spawn beacon has been found inform your team mates.

oh and if you see an enemy tank moving over enemy mines shoot the mines=goodbye tank.

Hope this helps some of the new players i am NOT a pro/god recon player but i do see alot of poor recons.

These tips are just my opinion and work for me.
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Alba-Sniper said:
21)Use a mic just saying losing bravo, enemy chopper spotted, tank heading to charlie will help your squad.

How does this work? If you have an open mic can you talk to your team/squad without being in a voice party from the com centre?

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III_RiGo_III said:
Alba-Sniper said:
21)Use a mic just saying losing bravo, enemy chopper spotted, tank heading to charlie will help your squad.
How does this work? If you have an open mic can you talk to your team/squad without being in a voice party from the com centre?


Sorry mate im on PS3 i use turtle beach never used the com center.
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2011-12-27 21:53
Also have a look at this []
"Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast." My aggressive recon guide:
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2011-12-27 22:16
I recognise that tag! I can vouch that this works - Alba sniper almost got a nemesis ribbon thanks to me standing still too often on op Firestorm. Hey alba, I'm on PS3 and always use a headset (also turtle beach), add me (calvers).
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2011-12-27 23:34
YersiniaPestisX said:
Also have a look at this []

Good Guide that is how i use SKS and it does work with the bolt actions. Using the silencer with the bolts is hard to master but very effective also.

And calvers i will add you.
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Alba is probably the best recon I have ever seen for this game. he's not perfect but you definitely don't want to be in his sights!

his guide works very well. I helped him develop it. his guinea pig, if you will...

I'm more of an offensive player and he is more of the a defensive player. I'm more aggressive and in your face. he's laid back and hits you from far away and pisses you off.

also very annoying if we end up playing against each other. he knows my tactics and I know his...
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2012-01-13 19:08
its a good guide
Check out my guide to sniper all around basics it got some good stuff too
Nice job Alba
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2012-04-17 00:42
Matter of opinion, but i actually find skyscrapers to be a Recon's best friend. The main reason is that only an opposing sniper can take you out. I tend to lay prone on buildings with my MAV in order to scout for my next sniper kill. A building with no ladders and only means of access is paradropping, is generally the best spot to snipe from.

As for the parachute, as a sniper, ive learned to abuse the paradropping technique to reach the best sniping places that can control areas and restrict opposing forces.

Every Recon has a different playstyle
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2012-04-17 01:13
Shooting enemys on the run is fun on hardcore. The m98 with suppresor kills the shortens the range alot but it's a ohk at any distance.
It's about damn time we got c4 back
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2012-04-17 01:37
Not all recons that chill back are bad. I have seem some really good ones. Most of them are though.

I prefer to use bolts, but still try and move around.
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2012-04-17 03:29
Good stuff.
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2012-04-17 07:29
Excellent tips!
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2012-04-17 14:00
IF you like this GO to sniper central
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2012-04-17 15:47
In response to some of the above comments, paradropping and long range are effective but the guide is aimed towards new players
and getting in the action will help you rank up and improve your aim, reflexes and sidearm skill way faster you will learn
the importance of prioritising targets when to engage and when not, example you see a assualt and an support capping a flag always go for the assualt first to avoid any chance of a revive.

Thanks for the comments and sniper central is well worth checking out.
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Not bad. One thing you missed out. Staying away from the windows. Stay away from the windows, if you are right against a window, people will see your barrel peaking out the window and WILL come and kill you. Another thing, Prioritising targets. DO NOT go for the Assault first. It's best to take out the Support. If you take out the medic, the Support can break for cover and set up and then suppress you until his squad spawns on him. Taking out the Support, the Medic goes to revive him, you kill him before he has a chance to revive. Also, not 3 or 4 shots, if you miss your shot, relocate. 1 shot then relocate. 1 shot, 1 kill, relocate.
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Its Always good to relocate after the shot but relocate to a place where you can over look your old position that way you can shoot anyone that goes up there looking for you.

If you want to get the best Info for Recon and sniper tactics and etc... Go to Sniper Central []
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2012-04-21 19:35
Advice would be better if OP had respect for proper punctuation, formatting and capitalization.
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Nice guide...the SKS is great for beginners alto by now I like the M98B a bit more...probably because I liked the Barrett more than any sentimental reason
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W_RiGo_W said:
Alba-Sniper said:
21)Use a mic just saying losing bravo, enemy chopper spotted, tank heading to charlie will help your squad.
How does this work? If you have an open mic can you talk to your team/squad without being in a voice party from the com centre?

What platform are you on? Usually, pressing Back/Select when an enemy is centered in your crosshairs triggers a callout to your team. This is the same button as you use to flare objectives as the squad leader, and it reveals the enemy on the heatmap for several seconds.

As for other info, you can use a mic to talk to your squadmates, but outside of that, spotting is the only method of communication.
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