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Instant Vehicle Servers

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2012-02-26 00:12
Does anyone actually like them?
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2012-02-26 00:14
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2012-02-26 00:15
They frustrate me more than anything, hard to survive in any vehicle more than 5 minutes.
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I was a huge fan of Battlefield 3 but then I got tired of cooling it.
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2012-02-26 00:21
really annoying when trying to play infantry squad with my clan-mates. It enables fool to use their vehicles like dodgems knowing that if they get wasted, its insta-tank-gratification.
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2012-02-26 00:24
digital_mandy said:
Does anyone actually like them?

No, hate em! Plus the fact that like 80% of the servers are doing it :S
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2012-02-26 00:27
Um no as bad as it is already with vehicles no. If you play on one of those servers you had better play an engineer and stay in tanks and helis
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2012-02-26 01:25
Yup. They're good for sharing because vehicle whores like me can't wait around for the next one to spawn so that I can snatch it up, as by the time the killcam's over it's been taken. Shame about the constant barrage of enemies. At least it's normally a different enemy each time.
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2012-02-26 01:27
Yay, 100% engineers and vehicles. SO MUCH FUN!
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2012-02-26 01:35
For crack babies who need instant gratification
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2012-02-26 01:37
They are the most horrible servers out there. It rewards shitty players who die and crash a lot so they can just pick up a new vehicle and continue. It makes Gulf of Oman intolerable.

DICE should not have made vehicle spawn time a changeable variable.
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IMO, love-hate relationship.

Its nice not having to wait for the chopper to respawn because some idiot jumped in and insta-crashed it, or took off without a gunner and got stomped. Nice for learning how to fly (find a low count server with insta-respawn to learn how to fly and not get blown to bits and then have no wait time for it to respawn).

Really sucks when you're working your but off to clear out some tanks from an objective or take out the aircraft and they just keep coming like a nightmare-ish tower-defense game. I swear, sometimes on some of the Gulf of Oman servers, its like there are more LAVs than infantry on the ground; friggin annoying.

Really sucks because people just jump into a vehicle and get themselves into a pickle and get stomped, leaving you behind thinking how you never would have wasted the vehicle. So many times, I see a tank driver or chopper pilot take off when someone is running after them to ride in the gunner seat, spamming the call button asking for a ride, and the driver/pilot just speeds off like "huurrrrr duurrrrr, I dunt neeed no gunnur, I r gud at choppurz, itll jus respon n e wai." This situation really sucks when the insta vehicle server is a 64 player server and the enemy team is walking over yours, and you could really use a good couple of tank drivers and a good chopper pilot.
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lol, people that suck against vehicles complaining about vehicles...its called Battlefield not InfantryField. NERF THE VEHICLES PLEASE. NOW.

and Jets and Helis were a bit over-powered in bf2 so they dumbed down pretty much all vehicles in this game, along with everything else. fast spawns in these crappy vehicles is only fair. esp. for the Jets and Helis.
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I don't play on fast inf.

It's a brothel/chaos

After killing aicraft I want to go manhunting.
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