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BF3 Is Stuck on Initializing! HELP!!!

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2012-03-17 15:19
I have played this game ever since it came out and for some weird reason, I am know experiencing problems with the digital version. I took like a 1 month break from BF3 and when I came back, I simply could not run the game at all. Not even on campaign. All it does is it gets stuck on the initializing... forever!!!

I have tried MANY THINGS and I am just about ready to be done with this game forever. This is really pissing me off cause nothing that I have done works. Can anyone pleaseee help me out?
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2012-03-17 15:34 []

BF3 will not start thread

Do a clean start, Turn off uac. Reinstall the BF3 game manager with it off. Use chrome

Walla u shld be fine
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2012-03-17 15:47 , edited 2012-03-17 16:15 by ProStyle88
Thank you I will try that and then I will see if it works.

EDIT: UGHHH! It's still not working! I did everything you suggested to. Should I just uninstall the whole game and install it back???
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2012-06-19 22:38
did it work?
im getting "stuck at Initializing" quite a bit lately and only thing i can do is restart my computer.
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2012-06-24 18:05
Sometimes I get stuck on initializing, What I do to fix it is ctrl+alt+del to task manager and end the BF3 application from there. Then, try to join server again and it usually works.
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2012-06-24 18:12
i find clicking on the BF3 icon when it comes up while loading on the taskbar, makes the game start. I don't know if that's the same issue or not, but it seems if i didn't do that it would just sit there a bit.
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2012-07-15 23:29
yea i do the same ctrl alt del then re try and it works still irritating though specially when in a que
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