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Looking to be token girl in NZ/AU Clan (PC)

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2012-04-04 11:02
Can't shoot, but I'm awesome at playing the objectives
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Hey i'm from a clan called Saber-tooth gaming and i'm in charge of an new Australian/new zealand branch of the clan the rest of the clan is mostly European based but i'm trying hard to get a nice amount of oceanic players in so we can set up a competitive team within the clan if your awesome at running objectives we could really use you. I'm not the best at working objectives but i can cover well and shoot well so you don't need to be able to shoot. If your interested in playing with a great group of people(we don't have any girls atm but maybe with you in the clan we could get some more and start a womens team)Then this is the clan for you i am in desperate need of Australian players and just a friend to play with. Add me so we can play together some time.

Cupc4ke out :D
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2012-04-25 08:32
Not sure about token girl. But we are a group of Australian and New Zealand gamers who squad up and have some good games.

We are getting new sponsors every week, and most of our members are over 20 yrs.

We (ABC - ANZ Battlefield Community) are a very friendly group. Have 3 BF3 servers already, with more possibly on the way.
Some of our members children squad up together as well, and we provide a ventrilo server for everyone to communicate with.

We do not recruit based on skill. We strictly only invite people that are kind / nice gamers.

The objective is to have fun, get into teamwork, and have some good games.

If you are keen go to and make an application.

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you can be our second token girl?

if you are interested add me as a friend ;)
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2012-04-25 13:00
Heya, Elisa_Anne! Why be the token girl? (I'm a girl, too, and I'm not the only one in our clan by far..) Why limit yourself to only one nation or region? I think you could find a home with us, we're Dark Resistance. Dark Resistance is an international pc only multi-gaming clan with over 150 members in our BF3 section alone. We're looking for mature gamers who enjoy cooperative play, aren't hackers, and aren't jerks. Our players range in age from their teens into their 40's and come from nations all over the world including India, United States, England, Norway, Malaysia, Denmark, Germany, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, and yes even Australia (to name a few). We welcome both casual and competitive gamers. We have practices, trainings, and an ESL team for those wanting to step up to the next level of gaming. One of the benefits of playing with an international clan is you'll always have someone to game with, no matter what time zone you might be in. Feel free to check out our main site at and join our forums as a guest! If you have any questions you can post in the guest section of our forums or just ask the following members on the Battlelog: OMGisKitkat, Bradderz958, Chewis14, Fielddb, UserDrew (Company Commander for our BF3 section), Abertix24 (Recruitment Sergeant for our BF3 section), and zach5456. We're always ready to help a recruit out. :)
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