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The Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0 (PC) + Alpha VO

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The Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0 (PC)

Hello all Battlefield veterans and fans!

After months of waiting, it's finally here. The second version of this project is released!
The project is basically a new improved GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is an extremely important part of the game. I have been playing Battlefield since "Battlefield 1942", so most things in this project are inspired by previous Battlefield games. Mostly Battlefield 2/Battlefield 2142.

This project also includes two other aspects of the game (which are separated when it comes to the voting/supporting):

#1 Battlefield 3's sound model. How it was much better in the ALPHA version of the game (VO & FX).

#2 General improvements and a general wishlist (which are just suggestions I have. You do not "support" this when you vote for the GUI Concept).

Video Demonstration: Alpha/Retail Sound Comparison (VO & FX)

Here is a video showing sound models in BF3. []
(Go HERE [] and vote for ALPHA sound model to be brought back to the game.)

Video Demonstration: GUI Concept 2.0

Here is a video showing some of the images. []
(Use this video to share the project around with your friends and on the internet.)

GUI Design Concept 2.0 (Full HD Images)

- Here is the Battlefield 3 #SPAWN MENU SCREEN concept.
#SPAWN MENU SCREEN [] (Click the image to zoom.)

- Here is the Battlefield 3 #INGAME HUD concept.
#INGAME HUD [] (Click the image to zoom.)

- Here is the Battlefield 3 #END OF ROUND SCREEN concept.
#END OF ROUND SCREEN [] (Click the image to zoom.)

If you already feel so exited to support this project, then go vote for it HERE! []

The Two Golden Lists
(These suggestions down below are only things that I think would improve the game. You do not "support" this when you vote for the GUI Concept.)

General Improvements/Fixes

- Reduce/remove the ”Black Screen” that occurs when spawning and remove it when entering certain vehicles. E.g. LittleBird F2-F4 positions. (Fades FROM black for about 0.5 & 1 sec.)
- When spawning on a squad mate, MAKE the player ALWAYS spawn in the same direction as he/she is facing.
- The "spin/turn" animation when being revived is not needed. Instead, allow the player to DIRECTLY move sideways, to DIRECTLY get up(standing OR crouching), and to DIRECTLY move when you have stood up(standing OR crouching).
- Show (on screen) who revived you, just like in Bad Company 2. Seriously, why remove that?
- Fix bug which makes you "lag-slide" when moving sideways using some scopes.
* Document listing guns and scopes ( [] ) *
* Video demonstration ( [] ) *
- Improve blinking icon for a player who yell for ammo, medic etc. Needs better visuals and extended distance.
- Increase the total amount of Javelin rockets carried both when using "Explosive Upgrade/SQD Explosive Upgrade" and when not.
- "1HitKill" against Growler, Buggy using RPG7/SMAW or tank shell.
- Allow the player to enter his/her placed Mortar(again) without having to pick it up first.
- Allow the MAV to JAM the Mortar mini-map for 45sec. Distortion effect on the mini-map when "in" the Mortar. (Still need to wait 45sec even if you "reload" the
mortar.) This should be replaced instead of today's "not able to place mortar in base".
- Add a "tip on screen" for Mortars, stating the buttons for smoke/explosives.
- Enable more/deeper ground destruction. Alpha version was good ( [] )
- Give more points for spotting enemies. 20 at least.
- Decrease the time it takes for the parachute to deploy AND improve the fall damage model to be more like previous game.
- Increase the acceleration and top speed of the HMMWV and Vodnik.
- TV missile still needs improvements ( [] ).
- Decrease the Lock-On time for Guided Missile for helicopter gunner (1 sec maybe).
- Decrease the hit range of stationary AA guns(Centurion C-RAM & Pantsir-S1).
- (DRIVER ONLY)Add transport points(30) when passenger jumps out of vehicle(AH-6J LITTLE BIRD, Z-11W, UH-1Y VENOM, KA-60 KASATKA, BMP-2M,
LAV-25, AAV-7A1 AMTRAC, RHIB BOAT, M1114 HMMWV, GAZ-3937 VODNIK, VDV BUGGY, GROWLER ITV) . 25sec cool down before same person can "earn"
you transport points.
- More vehicles (at least transport vehicles) should spawn at flags in Conquest game mode.
- Add HMMWV and VODNIK to more Conquest (Small & Large) maps.
- Auto zoom system on minimap that will match to the speed of your vehicle. Map will smoothly zoom out when getting up in higher speed.
- Repair icon showed on HUD in vehicle when being repaired.
- Add a catapult sound effect when you exit a moving jet.
- Allow the player to make the "Sprint Move" from prone as it was in ALPHA and BETA
( [] )
- "Face camera" for vehicles.
- Add a detonate feature (LMB) to the TV missile.
- Change the TV missile view/launch angle on the Mi-28 to match the Viper.
- Tilt the TV missile view/launch angle more upwards on both choppers.
- Increace soundrange and volume from T-UGS/MAV sensor.
- Allow users to keybind CommoRose commands to keyboard.
- Add best teamplayer ribbon and medal (see GUI images for details).

General Wishlist

- Two man jets; Pilots have gatling gun and heat seekers or rocket pods.
Co-Pilot have "free-cam" and can switch to Guided Missile or TV-Missile. This could be an unlock for the existing Jets.
Like the CITV station for tanks ( [] )
- RMB (Right Mouse Button) click during killcam will bring up the spawn menu showing the killcam as the background.
- Be able to do barrel roll with attack helicopters ( [] )
- Smoke tail from the jet wings (Like BF2). ( [] )
- Add destruction of bridges ( [] ).
- Be able to throw C4s (half the length) as in BC2.
- Bring back the AT4 from BC2.
- Add an option for the Command Rose to show up directly when "Q" is pressed, like BF2.
- Allow the player to use the SOFLAM as a binocular(mobile) when zooming(pressing RMB). And place it as usual when pressing LMB.

- Add a list of taken dog tags with player names.
- Taken dog tags should show up in Battle feed. Dog tag icon should link to owner of dog tag.
- Collaterals (more than one kill with only one bullet) should show up on Battle feed and show the players who got killed by the bullet. Should also show the
used weapon.
- Be able to send PM's(Private Messages) to non-friends on Battlelog.
- Be able to view "My Page" on the Battlelog forum. Here you can see "Created Threads", "Threads I've Posted In" etc.

I'm really glad that you made it to this text (Y), don't stop now though :)

How are we now going to make DICE/(EA) understand that we want this? We are going to make it FAMOUS!
How? You may ask. I'm going to tell you how down below.

Step #1:
Make sure that YOU show YOUR support by voting for "The Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0" HERE! []
(The Battlefield team is monitoring this service and will take this in to count IF it has huge support from the community.)

Step #2:
Make sure that you SHARE this video ( LINK: [] ) with all your Battlefield friends as well as posting it around the internet. The video includes all necessary information and links about this project. You can also/instead share the thread link if you want (LINK: [] )

And that is all, two easy steps. Pretty simple right? :)

Oh, and if you also want to vote for the ALPHA sound model to be brought back to the game, you can do that HERE. []

Note that there are still many things that I would like to improve/tweak with this GUI project.

I recommend you to NOT "sign" in this thread. It may cause moderators or admins to lock the thread.

We are together the Battlefield community, and we are the only one together that can make DICE change their mind. Take care, enjoy the (almost) great game DICE has developed and I'll see you on the Battlefield!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter [] and hit me up with your thoughts of this project!

Thanks to:

LoASWE @ Battlelog []
bladefinor(Gnazty) @ Twitter []
LedZeppster @ Battlelog []

for the help and support with this project!

And thanks to xKyleN @ Battlelog [] for letting me use his video in this project.

// wirrew
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2012-04-15 22:28
This is amazing. Keep up the work. First like btw :D
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2012-04-15 22:29
I hope DICE will read this... and will do something !
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2012-04-15 22:31
Am I the only one who is glad they took out the knife spinning animation?
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2012-04-15 22:35
In before hidden by battlelog administrators for being more awesome than anything DICE will do with this game.
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2012-04-15 22:36
This is why we need mods and battlerecorder , people like Wirrew is more then capable .... Keep up the good work sir. ^^
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2012-04-15 22:37
Love the GUI. I hope they consider this.
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2012-04-15 22:42
ArdiDafix said:
Love the GUI. I hope they consider this.
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2012-04-15 22:43
can you check the links?
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2012-04-15 22:44
Wont happen wish it would but EA controls what devs do thanks to how the industry operates today.
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2012-04-15 22:46
Aye OP you show squad orders but now way to implement them mentioned. Perhaps take from this []

Love your post anyway +1
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2012-04-15 22:47
This is amazing work. I really like it, hope they bring it in. Looks way easier to use than current
Goddamn theres a lot of motherfuckin retards in this forum.
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2012-04-15 22:48
lol.. your modifying game files. Its against the TOS.
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2012-04-15 22:51
Rylus said:
lol.. your modifying game files. Its against the TOS.
Hes modifyed nothing, its merely a photoshop concept of a gui
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2012-04-15 22:52
Rylus said:
lol.. your modifying game files. Its against the TOS.
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2012-04-15 22:54
I like the idea of the new GUi and would love it if they brought back the alpha sounds - but I do see one small problem with the GUI - it looks like its been designed for use only with widescreen monitors/tv not 3:4 screens, the currently model works for both.

If you could show how your version would work on 3:4 screens then you maybe on to a winner.
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2012-04-15 22:54
- Allow the player to use the SOFLAM as a binocular(mobile) when zooming(pressing RMB). And place it as usual when pressing LMB.

Definitely no...imagine if people riding the helis could laser target that easily
Everything else seems perfect although i doubt they will even bother to look at the thread
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2012-04-15 22:54
Awesome work as always. I really hope they take a look at this!
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2012-04-15 22:55
TV missile in a jet would be utterly ridiculous. they're already killtastic in a helicopter but you can shoot them down fairly easy compared to a jet.
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2012-04-15 22:56 , edited 2012-04-15 22:56 by GlitchExpress
Fantastic job. you should get a job at dice for this.

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