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P90 - Possibly OP and My Favorite Gun

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2012-06-04 03:52
u suck
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I've tried using it, and all I can say is I take my hat off to those that do well with it. I'm more of a medium long range guy, or I ninja around with a knife. No really, I ninja around, check my stats.

My favorite PDW is the PP-2000, I've just got memories from BF:BC2, that's all.
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OreoVII said:
I have more kills than you.

Son, I had this many way before you, so I still win. Let's pretend we're tied.

OreoVII said:
The P90 is great when you use it how it's supposed to be used. The bad thing about it is being an SMG, you think it's awesome at close quarters, but SO MANY PEOPLE WHORE THE SHOTGUN, it's basically useless trying to patrol close quarters areas unless you're on the edge off a CQC area, viewing a potential mid-range conflict (like at the end of hallways/tunnels in operation metro).

Also, a sub-machine gun is any machine gun that utilizes pistol cartridges.
The SS190 was made way before the Five-seveN, thus it is not pistol ammunition, but exclusive to the P90.
The P90 is a compact assault rifle...

OreoVII said:
Barack Obama's bodyguards use the P90. It better be good.

Of course it's good, in real life it can match the power of the M16 at 200 meters.
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2012-06-10 00:06
I love this gun its really good on the close quarters maps but I dont know if the aug might be bit better meassege me what you think
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WarMach1n3s said:
Yeah DICE. P90 is OP. Can you please nerf this bad boy? I mean you nerfed everything else, why not nerf this one too.
Too many people use P90 now, and its too good of a gun, therefore, please nerf it.
While you at it, please nerf every gun AGAIN, and this time make em shoot water. That wont hurt anyone anymore.


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Hey shut up, they may listen to you. My g3 is already bad enough at close range. I need a friend sitting next to my with a p90 or a famas to feel safe when im taking out snipers and that occasional heli pilot who is flying to low and hovers or moves very slowly.

Iv tried the p90 though and doesn't seem accurate and burns through the clip to fast. i played on wake island rush deffending and shot at some approaching enemies getting only a kill or two (out of 6 possible targets at mid range) then switched to m1911 pistol since i was out of ammo (even told squad that i was on my last bullet and then out of all ammo). i had to run and grab an enemy support kit, place ammo, return fire and switch back to my kit and reload. That was my first try at it.

My second try was on the final base of rush as attackers. i grabbed it and was doing wonders. i died a few times but i took atleast one person with if not two or even more. i have to say though that the encounters where closer than the first try except when i was in the buildings on the second and third floor shooting at people by the mcom between the bus and van. (i got hitmarkers and some kills but went through too much ammo even when bursting for me to feel like it was worth it)

all in all i feel that it as with all the other guns are well balenced. sure the guns are not perfectly balanced but if dice did that, the game would probably be a little boring because there would be no challenge in taking two guns that perform similar but one is said to be better , and taking the supposed bad gun and doing great with it and making yourself feel better at the game.

also with a post i saw above saying that lmg's are easy to kill with, iv got counter argument

Assult Rifle- seems most diverse and depends on gun but can function in most ranges
Sniper Rifle- depends but are bolt action =very long range, semi auto 1= mid-long range, semi auto 2 close-long range (sks m417, accurate semi auto moderate damage)
LMG- sure can put out tons of lead but slower reload or smaller clip, there is faster and slower fire rates, and higher or lower damage. not to mention they tend to have alot of recoil (slower fire rates are normally easier to control) if not mounted or a fore grip to aid in control
Shotguns- Its a shotgun. it either fills you with buck shot/fletchet, or they are putting a huge slug through you, frags are 4 shots to kill now with the only bonuse of splash damage hurting multiple enemies. (like hiding just around the corner)
SMG/PDW- close-mid range and only outclassed by pretty much any guns with higher fire rates superior accuracy (provided the player can aim well), and shotguns (but i don't see to many shotguns even on op metro)

please note that iv taken guys (who had a gun with higher fire rate's) out at mid range in the ticket hall on op metro with my g3a3 (acog, underslung rail, heavybarrel) and we saw each other about the same time or they saw me first and may have been shooting first too. but i won with superior accuracy and damage.
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2012-08-08 14:39
WarMach1n3s said:
There is no such thing as OP.
You are either good with a gun or not.

Then again, with all the new changes and patches, pretty much every gun will be the same.

But, yeah, people do not like it when you say something is OP, even if you mean it half way. Thats due to the fact that none of the guns are OP, its just people complain and bitch about this and that gun. Once people start with OP this and OP that, DICE listens and they make changes lol.


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OP is when everyone can be good with a gun. Look up M16 HB.

On topic: I don't like the P90, but it seems fair and has a niche role in the battlefield. Personally prefer the MP7.
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2012-08-08 14:43
Autosynthesis said:
What do you mean by 'long range'? It is still pretty nasty at 30M or so because 50 rounds at 900 RPM = super suppression, and because of it's low recoil profile you can generally get all 50 in the same area allowing for a kill. It takes time to kill somebody at this range, but because they are so suppressed it can be hard for them to fight back.

Also don't even worry about DICE nerfing things because of Battlelog, everybody knows they look to Symthic for proper balancing ideas. If something is REALLY causing an uproar they might do something about it but it has to be pretty much every other thread.

Well said.
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2012-08-08 15:00
i have 85 service stars on the p90 because it its really good for sneaky game play and shooting people from behind and the sides big clip allows you to prefire alot of corners must use with recon/spawn becon or support/ammo
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2012-08-08 15:34
Holo Laser suppressor is my baby
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2012-08-08 17:40
its cheap for sure
900 RPM with 50 capacity
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2012-08-08 17:46
Wild Replicator appeared!

SG-1 used P90.

It's super effective!
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2012-08-08 17:51
It is NOT OP ok NOT OP so just stop saying that it is op omg just STOP OP OP OP OP every fucking gun is not OP JUST STFU plllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaassseeeeeee.
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2012-08-08 17:54
Not OP... just a great gun. Not everyone can use it too.. Many don't like it and hardly ever use it. They almost forget that. At the end of the day... because its not an "overused" weapon... in the right hands it can be over powered and useless in the next guys. It's perfectly balanced when you consider that dynamic.
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2013-07-09 21:02
it's not OP it has a high rate of fire but it does take around ten bullets to kill. my setup is iron sights because I feel like it doesn''t have as much recoil laser sights for hip fire and silencer for Ninja-ness (derp).
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2013-07-09 23:14
maybe time to nerf the p90 now? 950 rpm with a big 50 round mag and no downsides. yes please.
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2013-07-10 04:19
cman0grunt said:
it's not OP it has a high rate of fire but it does take around ten bullets to kill. my setup is iron sights because I feel like it doesn''t have as much recoil laser sights for hip fire and silencer for Ninja-ness (derp).

¡ɐıןɐɹʇsnɐ oʇ ǝɯoɔןǝʍ
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2013-07-10 04:30
Whenever I want a gun that does the aiming for me, I use the p90 with support
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2013-07-10 04:42
kILRussiAN_94 said:
Whenever I want a gun that does the aiming for me, I use the p90 with support

I use the PP-19 with my support.
Which explains my low accuracy + K/D. :P
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2013-07-15 20:36
The M5k is op but not the p90 the high magazin and the rate of fire makes ist strong but not op
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