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About the Join Queue

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Hi all,

there has been a lot of confusion around the join queue over the past week.

Let's first start with a discussion around the join queue itself. We have two old mechanisms.

The old Join Queue mechanism
This is a straight queue, with no prioritization. The first person to join the queue will be first to join the server when there is room available.

The new Join Queue mechanism
Players are divided into three groups:

1. Players on the Reserved Slots list
2. Premium players
3. Normal players

The "Reserved Slots" list is a list with player names. The list is stored locally on each server, and managed by each server administrator.

When a player attempts to enter a full server, the player will go into the queue. Later on, when a player leaves the server, one player from the queue will be let onto the server. The server will first pick a player from the Reserved Slots group; if that group is empty, one from the Premium players group; lastly, one from the Normal players group.
If there are several people in a group, the player who has been waiting the longest in a group has precedence.

In addition to this there is the "aggressive join" setting. If Aggressive Join is enabled, then if a Reserved Slots player joins the queue, a user on currently on the server will be kicked to make room for the Reserved Slots player.
The Aggressive Join setting does not apply when Premium or Normal players enter the queue.

It is common for clans and communities to use the Reserved Slots + Aggressive Join together; those who pay the monthly bills or otherwise support a server are on the list, and are guaranteed to be able to come in and play on their server. Others can play on it too if there's room.

(This is pretty much how the BF:BC2 queue worked.)

Bugs in the new Join Queue mechanism
There are two known bugs in Server R24 (which is currently running on all servers).
The first, and biggest, is that players who enter via the join queue will not get GUIDs. Also, "player.onJoin" events are not sent. This confuses some third party admin tools. PunkBuster does not always display these players in the "pb_sv_plist" output either. So-called 'ghost players' are caused by this as well.

We have identified the problem and developed a fix for this earlier this week. We expect it to go live sometime during next week. Until that time we recommend that server administrators who have problems with the new queue do not run third-party autobalancers or other similar scripts.

The second is that servers sometimes don't display the right number of max players on Battlelog. This seems to happen only to servers which run "adaptive server size" plugins. We are still investigating this. It is probably not related to the Join Queue at all, but the reports arrived at the time when we switched to the Join Queue mechanism - so, it's worth mentioning.

So which Join Queue mechanism is being used right now on the servers?
Most PC game servers, except those operated by BrainStorm Network and Multiplay, use the new mechanism. Once the GUID problem is sorted, all servers will switch to the new queueing mechanism.

I hope this answers most of your questions.

Regarding documentation around the Reserved slots, you can find the pre-release docs for Server R25 here: []
(Server R25 is due for Monday-Tuesday next week. It adds support for Close Quarters maps.)
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2012-06-07 18:43
At least it's not 'R34'

Thanks for clarifying exactly what we paid for, thanks! []
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2012-06-07 18:53 []

yep, that'll fix it guys.....ROLL IT OUT!!!!
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Thanks for the update Mikael.

By the way: Send you a new PM with some findings about the slots issue.

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2012-06-07 19:08
Thanks for the update. I appreciate it as a server admin.

The PB_GUID fix need to happen ASAP. The issue that I am facing as a server admin is that known cheaters (ie banned by PBBans or GGC-Stream) can (and do!) come onto my server and wreck havoc. Because they have no PB_GUID they won't be kicked/banned because there is *nothing* to compare to the banned DB.

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2012-06-07 19:09
There has not been any confusion, its just simply stupid.
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2012-06-07 19:10
if you ask me thats a silly mechanism
i do understand that premium players paid more and ok they should be given some additional things like weapons and maps and other stuff but a queue is a queue and shouldnt have been touched
i mean no offense by that to anyone but that move you guys did pretty much made alot of players angry
in the end its a business and customers shouldnt be provoked dont you agree ?
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2012-06-07 19:12
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I wish I hadn't bought Premium
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2012-06-07 19:21
The problems with the que system should not have existed because the que jumping system should not have existed.
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2012-06-07 19:24
dumb idea
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2012-06-07 19:26
The queue for premium will turn out to be a complete joke anyway.

If everyone buys the premium, then you're really not getting into a server any faster than before. You'll be waiting in line with all of the other premium trying to connect also. It's just a 'sales' trick to get you to think you're getting special treatment.
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2012-06-07 19:27
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2012-06-07 19:28
Frankly this is disappointing, for both sides, because non-premium players are gonna get pushed back from a game they rightfully paid for, and premium players are gonna be alienated by (some) non-premium servers, either way this "Premium Pyramid" has shattered the already cracked player unity in a still damaged game.

If there are to be Premium only servers, why aren't there non-premium only servers? I don't have access to the guns Premium Players bring into the server so does that give them the unfair advantage mentioned in your TOS?

This isn't a Disney World Fast Pass line, it shouldn't be treated as such.
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2012-06-07 19:31

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2012-06-07 19:36
The "premium players only" setting for a server is not really intended for servers that are run by the community. After all, one of the main goals of a community-run server is to get a lot of people to play on that server, and the "premium players only" filter does not have any upside - not like saying, "we want to have Close Quarters maps in the map rotation" where there is an upside (you can play Close Quarters on your server) and a downside (some players will not be able to play on your server). The "premium players only" setting is mainly intended for our internal use.
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2012-06-07 19:42
what a load of shyte, you wonder why your forums are full of this 'i am sick of this elitism Golden PEE bullshyte' when you plainly promote it .

you have a 'buy it or stfu' attitude , you HAVE split the playerbase congrats, you made pc gaming history.

you DO NOT listen to your playerbase, if you DID you would have by now realised that even people whome have bought Premium disagree with the queue jumping,
again, it is written all over the forums, or did you lock/delete threads before you even read the entirity of it.

If my legal team weren't tied up just about 24/7 with my work related business i would have them look into how many rights/laws you are exploiting pulling stunts like this queue jumping rubbish.

So many threads asking for bug fixes, yet the only bugfix you seemed to THINK would quell the uprise was the darting problem, wake up, listen and LEARN. no 'holes' in walls fixed, wall glitching is still well and truely released an unfinished game because your MD shat himslef when he was told that MW3 was being released in Nov-11 and your game was so far behind he probably forced the release, all bugs attached. standing down at top level does not seem to be an adequate justice for your playerbase

Ohh, and your premium pricing, the word laughable doesn't even come close to describing it,

and trolls, yes, i play metro almost all the time on this acc, but i have 2 others to boot
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2012-06-07 19:44
Don't you understand idiots ?

When i bought this game it did not say that i will have to pay another 40 British Pounds ( 61 US Dollars ! ) to play with my friends on my fav server otherwise i will get stuck in a queue.
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2012-06-07 19:57
Thanks Mikael, as always, appreciated!

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Let me get this straight. So, as someone who paid $50 for the original game, whenever I'm waiting a long time in a queue for my favorite servers, I am now going to be forced to wait even longer to play because someone else decided to line your pockets with another $50? You guys at DICE/EA might think it's a "bonus" for your so-called Premium players, but it's really more of a punishment and insult to your other, non-Premium players.
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2012-06-07 20:02
This is still an unneeded and ridiculous addition. While VIP slots should have been included at launch or shortly after is this just a way to spit in the faces of those who do not plan on buying Premium.
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