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(PS3) [TLN] Talon Strike Force {Semi-Casual}

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2012-06-08 20:37
Talon Strike Force is based primarily within the US but has several members from all over the world. We have about 80+ members currently about which 20 or so are very active.

We have two different servers running at all times. We hold regular clan practices every wednesday. and Scrimmages every weekend. Our clan also plays several other games such as, Starhawk, Dust515 (when it is released), GranTurismo 5, and more.

There are no requirments other than:

You MUST wear your clan tags in all games you play
You MUST be a team player and willing to play the objective.

Our clan is very casual but we will occasionally organize clan battles against other casual clans.

There are no mandatory meetings or groupings.

It would be helpful if:

You had a microphone
You have the newest DLC*

(These are not required but would be helpful)
*f you do not have the newest DLC our second server is generally not running any of the DLC except on special occasions.

Our main website is here: []

And our battlelog page is here []
(Bravo is an extension of the Alpha Platoon because we grew so large!)

Search for our servers in-game and come talk to us!

When you sign up on the site and see a spot for referred player enter my name please: ECHOS_OF_FIRE

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!
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Would I be a good fit?
(Link to a thread where you can find my "curriculum")
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2012-06-11 19:20
Great post Echos! We don't have many requirements for joining TLN except you be a team play. a MIC is a PLUS! follow the rules set forth in TLN such as PTO don't jam the comms with idle chit chat. Play as many win as one being our Moto! Don't back out of games just because you are loosing stay till the bitter end. Rage quitting is for sissies! We are like a family. A dysfunctional one at times but a family none the less. So come check us out and see if you fit in with us! Rules are on the website.
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