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Is there a way to blacklist/hide a server?

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2012-08-01 02:56
So basically, there are these servers that don't allow cussing and other shitty rules like that, and I keep getting kicked which is a real nuisance. I don't like spending an entire round reading 'rules' and other such nonsense, I wan't to play. And if I get kicked for not following rules, so be it it, it doesn't bother me at all, but I want to block such servers from showing up in my server list so I don't have to deal with them anymore. Does anyone know a way to do this?

(And yes, I have a bunch of 'No Rules' servers favorited, but I always like to try out new servers, and some don't have their rules explicitly stated.)
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2012-08-01 03:00
I wish.. did hear about a firefox add-on that can do it but I don't remember what it is.
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2012-08-01 03:06
'better battlelog' is the name of a program that has blocking ability. too bad it doesn't work with Internet Explorer browser.
other than that, you're stuck like the rest of us who have to deal with these asshole servers that keep populating our browsers because they won't put an 'EXCLUDE SERVER' button in the battlelog browser.
lots of people been asking for one for months with zero help from the turds. oh well.
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2012-08-01 03:08
DADoFOUR said:
too bad it doesn't work with Internet Explorer browser.

get real bro
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2012-08-01 03:59
Animolek said: []

^^ pretty much this.
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Animolek said: []

All it dose is put a red dot on the server that you wished you didn't see in the first place.

I keep meaning to do a video to show how to block servers you don't wish see.But im just flat out working at the moment .

On my days off Ill make a Video and post a thread

If you are using IE..hahaha
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2012-08-01 04:21
DADoFOUR said:
Internet Explorer

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2012-08-01 04:24
I am using chrome
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2012-08-01 04:31
DADoFOUR said:
too bad it doesn't work with Internet Explorer browser.

I find that to be a bonus. Get more people using Chrome, FireFox or Safari.

Or literally ANY other browser. Like, seriously. The Steam overlay browser is faster and more secure.
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2012-08-01 04:37
Do people actually use internet explorer? Please, do the world a favour and cancel your internet.
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2012-08-01 04:43
^hahahahaha internet explorer, im worse i use da ps3 browser
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2012-08-01 04:48
Get []
and []

Once installed.
click on the Adblockplus icon/ drop down window click: select an element to hide.

Then you will see a red box follow your mouse cursor and a window for your hotkeys(H to hide)
On the server you wish to hide, put the red box over the BF3PC icon then press the W key so the whole sever entry is highlighted with the red box.
This is from the BF3PC icon to the ping icon.
Left click.
then you will see the element to hide window.
Make sure the preview is checked.You can unchecked/check this several times and you will see the server entry appear and disappear.

On the same window you will see the :cell serverguide-bodycells is checked,uncheck this and check Ip

Once you have it right and only the server you wish to hide disappears,click Add element hiding rule.

I hope iv got it right...

Its bed time
I blocked this with adblock plus Why?..I dont give a flying f%$#k what your PC specs are
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