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Battlelog Web Plugin?

Enlisted: 2012-05-25
2012-08-04 21:18
Well i need some help, i recently re-installed Windows 7 and i installed origin and bf3 again with all updates downloaded. When i click to play it opens up battlelog just fine. But when i go to join a server it says i need to install the plug-in. So i click "open game manager" and nothing happens. And there is an "update available" icon at the top of the screen in battlelog and when i click that nothing happens either. Help?
US Enlisted: 2012-03-17
2012-08-05 02:51 , edited 2012-08-05 02:52 by efficacious696
internet explorer or firefox? get firefox if you dont already have it. also run error checking and go to start than update windows and download and install of of the recommended updates, there might be 80 or 90 in all. i had to do the same thing when i got a siriefef virus. if you need help i think i can help i know windows pretty well. just leme know and ill re-download teamviewer 7. good luck
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2012-08-05 02:57
Look here... []
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