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Desert Combat 0.7 & 0.8 Setup Guide

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Desert Combat (DC) is a mod for the first-person shooter (FPS) computer game Battlefield 1942, created by Frank Delise, Brian Holinka, Tim Brophy, and Stephen Wells. DC features many new weapons and new Conquest and Capture the flag Maps. DC is set in Iraq during the first Gulf War. It acquired popularity since the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Coalition forces and has been featured on many media websites. - Wikipedia []

Ok so you want to play the best mod ever made eh?

First, you need to install BF1942 in Origin. If you don't have it yet, go to [] and find it in the Demos section.

Then, download the Desert Combat 0.7 installer and the 0.7 -> 0.8 (Final) update:
1) []
2) []
3) [] <---- Also .8 link

When the installers ask you where to install, make sure you select the Battlefield 1942 directory inside Origin Games.
For most people this will be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 1942\
It can be different if you installed Origin somewhere else or you have a 32-bit OS.

Also, let the installer make desktop & Start Menu shortcuts since this is the only way to directly launch the mods.

Sometimes when you click on the Desert Combat shortcut it will ask for bf1942.exe , Just hit Browse and select it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 1942 .

Launch the game and you're good to go. You will need to do the same thing for .08 Patch but you needed 0.7 in first is all.

Can't find a server?
Just look for the Desert Camo Helmet Icon on the left hand side of the Server info Bracket. Located in the Server Browser for Desert Combat and the Reg BF1942. If you see that then its a DC .7 or .8 server.

Still can't find a server?
You can Host one yourself by using the DedicatedServer Tool in the Battlefield 1942 Directory. It has options to Host DC .7 & .8 servers as long as you have the mod installed.

Set up the Battlefield how you want it.
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Thank you for this guide :)

How many players does it have?
fnar fnar
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Really cool! Thanks for trying this out. :)
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I still have the original installers and rars, none the less, good post. Tho ModDB is the way to go.
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I played earlier with 32 people this mod is where its at
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i miss this mod
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can a mod sticky this?
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more people need to install this asap
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Galaxy45P said:
can a mod sticky this?

Just report this thread and say "Request Sticky"
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this is the shit everyone should play.
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Thanks, I never got to enjoy this game or this mod during its time, hopefully i can do that now
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Good one, let's keep this bumped.
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Yeah, I hope there will be more European Servers soon. DC is just as great as it was back in the day :)
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History lesson folks:

Trauma Studios were the mod development team behind Desert Combat. Those guy took BF1942 from it’s WWII setting and placed it firmly into a modern warfare scenario. Not only that, but the Desert Combat modded BF1942 arguably became more popular online than BF1942 itself. DICE liked (or envied) what they did so much, they bought the company, Victor Kiam [] style.

DICE then proceeded to milk Trauma Studios for all of the assets, models etc. they had created in Desert Combat, which were then built upon, with Traumas help, to create what we know today as Battlefield 2.

How did DICE repay the team they had bought and employed to help make BF2? They closed Trauma down (story link [http]) and sacked the lot of them that’s how. In truth, there would probably have been no BF2 or Bad Company or BF3 as we know them today, if not for the efforts of those great modders from Trauma Studios.

They were eventually taken on by THQ and changed their name to KAOS Studios and made the not too successful Frontlines: Fuel of War and Homefront. Kaos Studios never really recovered from the whole BF2/DICE debacle and closed down on June 13, 2011. Out of the ashes has arisen 2 Dawn Games and their latest effort is Ravaged which is available on Steam. info link []

At the very least, they deserve a mention as being a massive influence upon the Battlefield community and in the development of the Battlefield series as a whole. Shame on you DICE. []
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