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[DICE read] dog tag ideas and prototypes

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Hello readers and DICE developers,

My name is Julien i'm 15 years old. I'm a big fan of the battlefield series and really like battlefield 3. The addition of dog tags is in my opinion amazing. Altough of the great amount of dog tags some are missing like the defibrillator kill dog tag, grenade dog tag, repair tool kill dog tag etc. So i created this thread so you guys can give feedback on the dog tags that i personally create in photoshop. I try to keep the original battlefield style of the dog tags so it could be, with some editing, implemented in the game. i'm just a starter in photoshop and i keep making procces :). So what is my goal? My goal is to help the developers and the community by creating dog tags, ribbons and some fan art, that maybe can be implemented in the game :$. You can follow my blog here: [] whenever i'm making a dog tag, i post them there with the story behind it. ;) (update the blog everyday!) I'm also getting recommend for the DICE friends dog tag, if you appreciate what i'm doing you could recommend me :s [] (30+ recommends)
Remember they are all prototypes when i have time i am finishing the prototypes so they look better.
So what are some dog tags i created? well here we go!

Defibrillator kill dog tag (edited 08-11-12): []

repair tool dog tag (updated 16-11-12): []

EOD bot dog tag (updated 16-11-12): []

grenade kill dog tag (major update 08-11-12): []

Dino dog tag (major major update! 14-11-12): []

and my newest creation, the motorbike dog tag (end game): []

as christmas is rapidly approaching i made a christmas dog tag (added 06-11-12, edited 07-11-12): []

Here is my squad wipe medal, note it needs some finishing i agree with that (added 08-11-12, edited 10-11-12): []

When you have a medal for squad wipes you need a dog tag! (added 10-11-12): []

The double xp event dog tag, only equipable during double xp events needs a lot of editing (added 11-11-12, updated 16-11-12): []

Anti explosive medal, going to edit the chain around the circle (added 13-11-12): []

Angry snowman dog tag, this dog tag is still in development but it's looking pretty good (added 14-11-12, updated 16-11-12): []

The marksman dog tag, this dog tag will include your longest headshot ((added 15-11-12) idea submitted by PanMiyagi): []

The tea bag dog tag, turned out to be very funny if you ask me (added 18-11-12): []

The MAV kills dog tag, basicly counts how much mav kills you make (added 20-11-12): []

dog tag made for DolanStahp [] (added 21-11-12): []

Hooah dog tag! it's an army thing! :) (added 21-11-12, updated 24-11-12): []

The bad luck dog tag, this dog tag counts the number of suicides or bad lucks you've got! (added 24-11-12): []

The ducky swag dog tag, this is a dog tag inspired by the youtuber ipwnstar4hire! (added 24-11-12, updated 25-11-12): []

i've also got a few requests from people and thought why not place it in here (added 25-11-12): []

The youtube dog tag, This dog tag will be awarded to big youtubers like LVLcap, Rivalxfactor, ipwnstar4hire etc. (added 30-11-12) []

premium christmas dog tag!! i'm learning premium style dog tags ATM! :) (added 03-12-12): []

A new dog tag, roll the DICE. This one could be a premium event or added just for the fun (added 05-12-12): []

For the real DICE hunters i made a m1911 S-TAC master dog tag, the tactical light must be edited (added 06-12-12): []

This was an idea from Mech_Raptor, props to you man, the slender dog tag, this could be a premium event dog tag for knife kills (added 07-12-12): []

If you could please support my thread by commenting and giving ideas! If you could tweet this to DICE or Battlefield i would love you forever!

To the people of DICE and moderators:
please comment on the thread!
if you need anything from me like .psd files or more information you can e-mail me at:
skype me:
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2012-11-06 19:36
I've always felt they should have a 'Do not resuscitate' dog tag for those times you don't want to be revived.
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2012-11-06 19:39
Those are pretty damn good!
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2012-11-06 22:51
Change that Christmas tag to "Sleigher".
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2012-11-07 01:03
A1337chicken said:
Change that Christmas tag to "Sleigher".

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2012-11-07 15:37
i want those
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2012-11-07 15:44
A1337chicken said:
Change that Christmas tag to &quot;Sleigher&quot;.


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2012-11-07 15:48
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The text for Grenade tags: Eat shit and die!

And they should have tags for Killing Machine player of the game too. Coz I have so many time titled this xD

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2012-11-08 17:54
tonight i'll uploud the sqaud wipe dog tag and medal. Since a lot of people have asked me for this!
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2012-11-08 20:39
great work! That are amazing dog tags!
you're really helping the community, i reccomend you for the dice friends dog tag!
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2012-11-09 04:10
Amazing ideas!!
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2012-11-09 20:12
Really hope DICE would make them and put them in this game :-D
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2012-11-10 14:38
Updated the thread with my squad wipe dog tag: []

i did added something extra damage on the dog tag. Do you like it?

Hollandje (Julien)
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jesus christ man ur a genius i want all of them NOW !!!! dice get this in ur heads u need this lad !!! plz plz plz make me a T BAGGER dogtag i want 2 see that
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2012-11-10 15:44
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2012-11-11 12:55
epic dog tags they should add those :D
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2012-11-11 21:32
what do you think of this idea:

The double xp dog tag! You will be able to equip this dog tag during the double xp events! a prototype i made, needs a lot of tweaking i know, let just say it's in the alpha state xD []
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2012-11-11 22:27
Not sure of the necessity of the double XP tag, but it looks pretty.

All great ideas. Though I think the dino tag would look nice very over the top, as in having a rocket launcher.
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2012-11-11 22:39
Lots of great stuff
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