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Battlefield 1942: potential remake

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2015-08-24 09:46
luketyler1999 said:
I want it, just be sure to include mod support, and single player battles with/against bots.
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2016-03-25 06:22
I've been searching so long for this thread. And I'm to eager to leave my two cents before I read the ready of the posts in further detail.
I've been annoying everyone I play games with, telling them how badly there needs to be a remake or revival of 1942. I played from the very first day the 1942 demo was available, and it's easily my favorite game even today.
Nothing in gaming really compared to sailing a destroyer around looking for subs or raining hell through indirect fire controlled by another player.
The realist in me says we'll get something like 2143 this year, but wishful thinking really really hopes they will take what they have at their disposal and drop something for us set during WWII. Ever since gamespy died, I've been fiending for that classic 1942 feel again. Like I said, nothing really compares these days.
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Thread is locked.