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@hollandje, DICE and moderators

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2012-11-21 15:30
Hello everyone,
I'm quite unknown in this community, but this thread isn't about me. As you may've read in the title is this is about hollandje. He is a real life friend of mine and he has been involved in making some of the craziest dogtags and concepts of dogtags I've seen in quite a while. He has been spending quite some time now on making these dogtags and he is just loving the positive responses he is getting from people all around the world. But I have the feeling he wants to have more than just a response. Hollandje would like to get his dogtags implemented in the game. This will prove that the community can really contribute something to the game.
But you just have to take a look at the dogtags made by him. You can't say they aren't good, right?

You can find his thread here with alot of dogtags created by him. []

I hope his voice will be heard by DICE and that his wish will be granted:
That his dog tags will be implemented in the game. I think that deserves a small reward for all his effort to date. I've seen people talk about DICE friends dog tag and I think it would be a great reward for him. Maybe to stimulate further creations, or just even to show that he already has contributed something to this community.

With best regards,
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everyone in this thread i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me this oppertunity and everything! love you guys long time!!! []
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thank you guys, made this specially for you! :D
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hooah this lad is epic with a great creative mind ea dice take a good hard look at this lad n take note :D and id like 2 put this lad forward for a friends of dice dogtag he deserves it !!!!
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2012-11-21 22:32
I want servers in South America!
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Im putting money into my USB slot but its not working...

Epic Hooah!
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2012-11-22 03:17
It's pronounced Lush-us Kregg
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2012-11-22 03:27
+1 to this!
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2012-11-22 03:33
i approve of this message. very nice work.
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2012-11-22 04:00
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2012-11-22 14:38
You are really doing an amazing job man. Can't believe you don't have the DICE friends dog tag yet.
You really deserve it.

You can count on my support :)
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2012-11-22 17:55
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2012-11-22 18:01
I'm a big fan! HOOAH!
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2012-11-22 18:12
Thy skill in the creative prodution of such metallic identification tags are very exeptionnal may i say so myself...
I bid you good fortune in your protagonist cause of such great valor hollandje onward and forward. Tally WHOe and HOOAH
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2012-11-22 18:22
Approved. HOOAH!
Damn right.
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2012-11-22 21:43
Today is a big day guys, i've been in contact with vallium but also with the blue entertainment team! These guys are since battlefield 2 working on machinimas and others and have worked with snoken productions (current DICE editors!). They will also promote my dog tags in their upcomming machinima!!! :o

I want to thank everybody that Hooahs here and are supporting me. You guys and the community are the best! No matter what happens, i keep doing what i'm doing and that is helping the community! thank you!

Hollandje (Julien)
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2012-11-22 21:47
You are fucking amazing, and I want you to work at dice, you deserve that pay-check
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