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(PS3) 1.07 Patch not working, error.

Enlisted: 2012-11-28
2012-11-28 20:28
When i try to update the 1.07 patch i get the following error;

"An error occurred during the download operation. (80710723)"

I've tried to update about 4 times now and every time i am getting this error.

BR Enlisted: 2011-12-20
2012-11-28 21:17
Hey guys i solve the update problem to BF3 update 1.07 for PS3..
Many players couldn't update BF3, due in the middle of the download, shows a error mesenge (error 80710723) and the download fails. There's a way to update the game by PC, called Proxy Server, you'll download the update on PC than transfer to PS3, it's simple.
I know that many of you just gave up of the game because of this, but here'sthe sollution! Do the PS3 downloads and updates faster and 100% working!
check out this website [] []

I just use the proxy server! Besides, the site it's in portuguese, but they have a translator on the right side of the website!
MY Enlisted: 2011-11-11
2012-12-26 02:56
Same here.