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Get 10 headshot kills with sidearm

MK Enlisted: 2011-10-25
2012-12-14 19:12
help how to do this?
US Enlisted: 2012-02-09
2012-12-14 19:13
Aim for the head?
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DE Enlisted: 2012-05-01
2012-12-14 19:13
use .44 in TDM canals

run up to ppl, shoot in head

repeat 10 times


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GR Enlisted: 2012-09-26
2012-12-14 19:14 [] pistol [] magnum

hope it helps :)
AU Enlisted: 2012-02-14
2012-12-14 19:15
^ yep. or play TDM canals and sit behind the forklift and aim down the containers and let it go wild when u see something run down
GB Enlisted: 2011-10-28
2012-12-14 19:16
instead of knifing campers shoot in head mortar guys gold for this
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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.