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Mic On / Mic Off

US Enlisted: 2012-11-11
2013-01-01 14:11
Hey sure the answer to this is simple and I'm just overlooking it. How do you turn off the mic of team members that annoy the crap out of you? This mainly happens in TDM. You hear kids screaming and cursing at everything that happens, Some of them I cant believe the words they use....but that's another forum discussion. Some adults start singing or talking to other people about everything except BF3. One jerk started cursing at me for not covering his back. I responded with "Excuse me....this is TDM. My job is not to sit beside you while you line up a 3000 meter headshot." Thanks in advance for the replies.
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2013-01-01 14:19
Best way I've found is to plug headset in, & turn the headset volume down. I just leave it on the floor, & that way, you don't hear anything said. Go Cocks!
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US Enlisted: 2012-01-10
2013-01-01 14:22
If I play with randoms I do have my headset on and will talk, now if they sound like a bunch of ass clowns I will try and switch squads, if not I just hit the mute! But I still wear my head set.
AU Enlisted: 2012-05-17
2013-01-01 14:27
Ur average TDM player probably will only use the mic 4 abuse. To mute, I think u just select the player in the spawn screen & mute player should b an option. The 1 that pisses me off is when sum1 has (usually terrible) music bumping in the background. keep that One Direction megamix 2 urself thanks.
US Enlisted: 2012-01-17
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I play ''flight of the Valkyries '' on the mega-phones..

scares the shit out of the gooks ;o
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