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Against Modding?

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2013-06-15 06:52
That's right, OP is back. Things I've got to say:
Modding attracts new people, while complex modding tools attract more people and less children. This = profit and a better community, which is something every player is looking forward to. So that EA won't be picked as the worst company in america for 3rd year in a row. (Truth be told, I think Bank of America deserved it more, but whatever.) COD4 is also a good example of modding. There are plenty of mods, with some great community-made maps. I think there was even an official IW guide and modding tools, but I'm too lazy to look it up right now. I see no reason not to give modding tools to community. Who cares about bf4 release date, if it's buggy, suffers quality and horribly optimized due to being console-focused I WON'T buy it. (although will gladly play the beta to see if it exceeds my expectations)
Speaking of optimization, skyrim has several mods that boost your fps by nearly 50% without ANY loss of visual quality. However, I'm pretty sure IW gave up on COD mod support, was because of their annualization of the series, due to people not buying the new game that's coming out and playing mods. But COD games come out every year, (every year the same, black ops 2 moved the bar with it's singleplayer a bit, but from E3 demo cod ghosts looks ULTRA-Linear) while bf games come out more seldomly. Which is why I think it's worth trying. Give us dem mod tools .__.
Tony-Manchaza said:
I prefer a complex tool used by 0.1% and have great mods like PR, AIX ... than a easy tool used by 80% and have 90% of poor quality contents.

I already try the Cryengine but I would be more motivated to use the FrostEngine and add contents for Bf3 ;)

- modding is a passion for give to community full pleasure

- basic editor is a toy for children

Agreed. Fun fact: warcraft III had a basic editor (as any blizzard RTS so far) and people made many crappy maps with it, but there was also a more sophisticated system for triggers, and in the end, people ended up making a mod for the editor, making it much more powerful. Then, more great quality maps started coming due to editor's extended options and great documentation. And at some point, noobs just gave up on warcraft III. Now you can't see many crappy maps anymore.
Now that dice finally got bf4 out, perhaps they could do us a favor and add a patch with the option to remove the shitty blue filter from bf3?
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DarkLord7854, A dice dev said it best. I Also want to say this to all of the map editors, out there as well. Who love map making, like me :D (I have taken the facts, I have seen the bad, and I have decided a long time ago, February 2011 to be exact. 1 Map made by Joe blow, is not worth the amount of headaches, cheaters, and problems some which are legal...That come from making a map for fun, or a developer tool to make said map)

PS. I still <3 you Dice. Your secrets are safe with me :D
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Sadly all they (EA) cares about is money. But for battlefield (and only battlefield) I WOULD PAY for a map editor expansion!
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the tiem iz coming
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Is it possible that you release one last update where you tone down the sun glare? The blue tint is not so bad, but the sun, makes it unplayable. Please, I beg this if you.

Also, I am willing to pay $60 if DEV tools would be released as an expansion. The dev tools should require a key, like a normal game, and so would server hosting, etc. Basically, you would be in control, just as long as I get to poke around and have fun till I die :D
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I have been around a while now same as some of you, I would just like to keep it simple and short
Ever since the mod tools have been taken away e.g. Bad company 2 the game only lasts max 12 months before people
leave in droves, same has happened to BF3 and the same will happen to BF4
Its a pity really, BF2 mod tools were the best thing that has ever happened, I played the game and my friends for over 5 years and still jump on now

I really don't understand the mentality of EA wiping the community even after saying "Tell us what you want" "we do what the community asks"
lol sure you do.

Well I will have a go at BF4 only the BETA if I think its going to be BF3 upgrade I will be back to Planetside 2 at least they listen to the community
and its FREE.

A very disappointed ex battlefield hardcore gamer
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2013-08-13 13:55
Bump because its a good topic
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Hey Everyone,

I am posting this as a response to Electronic Arts current stance on modding, and with upcoming frostbite based games these coming years I want to get my opinion out there. With Dragon Age Inquisition coming sometime in 2014, Battlefield 4 in 2013 and that mystery Mass Effect title supposedly being powered by frostbite, I think that this is relevant.

Mod tools allow people to learn your toolsets and workflow.
Effectively you can hire people that have learned your toolset and workflow with minimal training with very little down time. People can get up and running with your toolset because they already know it. You are effectively training people for nothing.

Mod tools extend the life of your game.
This has been proven time and time again with various Valve games being prime examples. The same can be said about Skyrim, Oblivion, and other games that have supported modding in the past. The games are very much still alive and bristling with user created content.

We have the power!
Most computers run on at least a Dual or Quad Core processor these days according to the steam hardware survey with 8GB of RAM to back up their processors. People are also running Windows Seven 64-bit, which allows us to take advantage of more than 3GB of RAM.

It is also about goodwill.

It is really no secret that Electronic Arts has a problem with its image. In the past prior to frostbite, the Developers at EA were willing to make mod tools for their games. I want those days to come back and I am sure a lot of others want them to as well.

The Community can do it!

There are a bunch of talented communities that are wanting mod tools for various frostbite games. The first one that comes to mind is Project Reality which just hit 1.0 a few days ago.

Here is a list of mods that have continued development since EA has dropped support for Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2142, etc:

Forgotten Hope 2 (World War 2 Mod for Battlefield 2)
Project Reality (Modern Realism Mod for Battlefield 2)
Eve of Destruction (The Indochina Vietnam Conflict for Battlefield 2, 1942, and Vietnam)
First Strike (Star Wars Mod for Battlefield 2142)
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2013-08-23 06:51
Bump the thread because we do really need modding
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2014-07-10 22:40
I honestly have no idea what's all the fuss about, I haven't modded a game in my life
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Bump because mods are great!

@FilipPranklin That's why you don't have an idea what all the fuss is about ;)
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