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Is BF2142 still alive?

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2015-12-20 18:35
so, just got off the chat line with EA. And they did mention that there were talks about 2143, but they haven't heard about the details or progress from there developers. but to keep an eye on the website and future updates.

take it with a grain of sand.
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There are a few easter eggs in BF4... They haven't forgotten about it. Not sure if they're making it but damn it would be great, either way I won't be disappointed. I just want to lay some Titan.
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2016-05-06 13:19
I so hope they would make 2143!!! I'd buy it in heartbeat!!
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2016-05-16 07:55
UPDATE 2016 : Battlefield 2142 is up and running on our own fix for the game. Anyone can play, there is no CD Key authentication so you can get a torrent if you want.
All information is here..

20+ players a day, 35-48 on Weekends.

Player Base 7500 so far.

100+ New Maps added to the vanilla game.

Bofurs "preorder" unlock on request

Multiplayer COOP mode.

Custom Maps from TGW, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Halo, COD 4 and more.

I stream daily at

Many videos on my youtube channel.. []

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2016-05-18 16:22
Hi everybody!

Time moved but we still love our favorites games. EA dropped down servers but not players! If you love Battlefield 2142 then you have chance to play it again!
What you have to do:
1. Install the game
2. Install the patch 1.51
3. Replace the executable file BF2142.exe with this (zipped executable file ) - link below []

Once it's done then you need to create a new account and create new soldier. All works well!! See you there!



BF 2142 forever young!!!
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