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Banned from server for no reason

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2015-08-03 06:41
I just got banned, I was NOT using aimbot. The game I got banned from is BF3. Apparently I got reported for killing someone that was running between crates in Noshahr Canals and there was a wide open gap into which he was run from. He was running from one crate to another, and I saw him run into the starting crate so I was waiting till he showed himself on the other side. If you saw the replay of the kill, you should have seen a delay from me shooting and no aimbot was involved, I have no idea how to install aimbot and I barely know what it does. I really enjoy playing BF3 as it has been my childhood game since it was released and I was in 8th grade. I have relatively more experience than most the people at my level in BF3 as I was an addict for the PS3 version back in the day. I have read on forums that this is a recurring issue and people are getting banned for making lucky shots. I really feel like this was unfair and the BOT messed up. I also feel like this whole thing is so messed up
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2015-08-26 14:26
Stinks like a day old kipper in here, necro.
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2016-01-01 17:40
I have a few links for you to all go look at regarding TARANI5 been banned before for Haxing and is so bad at BF# that if you kill him a few times in a row (witch is very easy) he starts to spread roomers about that person Haxing and even going as far as posts fake pics that have been cleared by EA them self's as Fake as I have handed this matter over to the EA department and they will be looking into TARANI5 past dealings as well as when he was banned and then why the Bane was lifted and buy who?

I am sorry that TARANI5 is useless at this game but really going as far as placing fack picks up online with a fake Banned info .. Please.....
Please go see the following if you want to see how he was a Haxer before and still is even though he is still easy to kill him with his haxes LMAO!!!

Battlefield 3 hackers use exploit to ban innocent players .
BF3 Hacker Spills The Beans on Reddit - Steam Users' Forums
Hackers Brag That They're Banning Innocent Battlefield 3 ..
Pls explain why this player is not banned since he's caught ... []
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Im on pc and i say the following XD IDK does this look like racial slur to anyone?:

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