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How to improve KD

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2013-04-23 20:49
I was just interested if anyone has any useful tips for improving KD because I would like to improve it some more , I would appreciate some feedback ,
Thanks Elliot
Im going in, watch the killfeed!
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2013-04-23 21:03
Think more, don't rush, use your cover...

Watch the radar often!! Flank.

Don't go full auto except for close quarters. ;)
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2013-04-23 21:25
Thanks man ill try those out
Im going in, watch the killfeed!
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2013-04-23 21:42
Play the same map over and over again to get a feel of all positions, head glitches, cover, etc. When you've mastered that one map, move on to the next one you're interested in.
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2013-04-23 22:35
Op,you have a great kd ratio.

Here are some tips that worked for me,always play in vehicles,play as a mid-long range recon,that way you'll get way more kills than death since your away from the frontline picking off unsuspecting people at the objectives on conquest,never rely on your random teammates in public matchs, since they will probably let you down.
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2013-04-23 22:36
better yet, stop worrying so much about your kdr and do something different in the game. try out different game styles for example. your kdr is already good enough. time for some diversity don't you think?
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2013-04-23 23:51 []

What i wrote there:

-Eaten- said:
-Low ping servers
-Vehicles mean run, don't stand around because you'll get your face stomped in.
-PTFO, don't try to go around killing people. PTFO will bring people to you.
-Stick with your squad or other teammates. This ain't COD and you have a better chance of getting kills and living with your team then straight by yourself.
-Learn the maps. When you know them inside and out you can use them to your advantage. I use my knowledge of one map (no names, don't want to give away my magic) to booby trap tanks yet stay off the "burn" (the area where you are taking the base). Then all i have to do is wait for someone to get in the tank...boom! Easy kills. Once you know the maps you'll figure out the popular areas or routes people go, then you just have to wait and watch. The Forest base at Caspian only has a few places of cover to take the base, thus you know when the base is being taken where people are when you look and don't see them standing in the open. took me a long time to get more kills then deaths
-Metro is good for leveling up to get better guns. Hang back and just throw out med bags and revive, or throw out ammo'll rack up points easy.
-Metro is great for learning new guns because there are no vehicles to stomp your dick in. Try to find "no explosives" servers because otherwise you'll just be in a straight boom fest.
-Be smart. Jumping off a roof on to a tank to place C4 looks awesome...but the tank guy's teammates watching on the rocks are going to shoot you off the tank before you can kill the tank. Stealth is a major key; don't run around corners don't know if a camper is there waiting to hose you with LMG fire. Don't shoot unless you know you'll kill or you have to...shooting puts you on the minimap and tells everyone on the other team "Come kill me".
-Cover is your friend. Standing next to the flag taking a base works...until a sniper shoots you in the dome.
-Start out in small servers until you've got the gameplay down...that way you aren't constantly getting murdered in a 64 man server by people who have put in 500 hours.
-Killcams are good because if you know your map you can find out where people killed you from and then get a nice revenge kill.
-Killcams are bad because it lets the other guy know where you shot him from...don't stay around an area too long because eventually someone will come and kill you.
-Some games and maps are harder then others. You don't suck, they are just hard. Rush on Kharg island is horrible if you are attacking. Javelins shooting down every vehicle your team has, getting mowed down by enemy aircraft, and if you make it to the beach you get shot in the face by a sniper...which is why i don't play it.
-Most important...have fun. If you become obsessed about your Kdr and your stats and that you've lost sight of the fact that it's a game. I love to jihad jeep, it makes me laugh every single time. Unfortunately it is hell for a kdr...but i don't care because it's fun.

I hope at least one of the above helps...sorry for the it while you're on the crapper.
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2013-04-23 23:59
TFBoNkErzZ said:
Thanks man ill try those out

watch the radar often is the main thing.

If you want ot make effective decisions. wheter there minor or major decisions. your gonna need to be aware of ur situation : ---> RADAR
Instead of avoiding it (EX: not using JETs or playing AK or closequarter maps on certain player counts because your bad) and then blaming the game for being repetitive. Mastering the next weakness in battlefield is a great idea. You payed for it after all
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2016-05-01 00:35
in a Havana case point the gun the right way
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2016-05-01 13:39
TFBoNkErzZ said:
I was just interested if anyone has any useful tips for improving KD because I would like to improve it some more , I would appreciate some feedback ,
Thanks Elliot

a good K/D ratio doesn't make you a good player. Just improve and your K.D will get better automatically.
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2016-05-01 14:28
a Huge boost to KD is not to spend time necroing threads

> Necro
This feature is beyond useless now
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2016-05-02 15:09
good job, a 3 year old necro
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2016-05-06 22:06
I think he was just desperate to find somewhere to post that bad joke.
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2016-05-07 10:54
TFBoNkErzZ said:
I was just interested if anyone has any useful tips for improving KD because I would like to improve it some more , I would appreciate some feedback ,
Thanks Elliot

be good
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