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Battlefield 2143? Anyone?

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2013-12-14 16:49
I'd love to see 2142 back or the next 2143, whatever... That was an outstanding game! Some of the best gameplay ever! I think it may be my favorite BF title actually!
Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2013-12-15 08:11
2143 pls! Until then I play 2142!
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2013-12-20 08:56
I would love for them to do a 2143. I know it's sort of the black sheep of the BF family for a lot of BF fans, but personally it was always my favorite. I had the most fun with it and probably spent the most time with it. But given the lukewarm reception it got among most fans I think it will be a long time until we get any far future BF game again, sadly.
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2014-01-24 20:24
Still BF2142 was the best in the series. Dont want to see another BC or present warfare BF. Its time for a new 2142!

Take my money!
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2014-01-25 03:31
I'd love to see a 2143 BUT NOT if dICE makes it.
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2014-02-02 16:07
Would definitely fork out the dough for 2143. Best gameplay in the series.
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2014-02-04 16:37
Yes and TITAN mode
But only if they test before release.
No more broken games.
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2014-02-12 16:38
Too bad those Infinity Ward and COD FUCKS are currently stealing the 2142 theme and rolling out their own BS version ( called TITANFALL ). How can DICE just stand by and let this happen? WTF guys?
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2014-03-10 08:37
I'd like to see it but seeing how DICE and EA are now. they'll likely screw it up.
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2014-03-14 03:03
And it doesn't make sense. If you follow the story on map loading screens, the timeline goes past 2145.
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2014-04-16 08:14 , edited 2014-04-16 08:15 by sBSwirl
titanfall sounds bad

30gb of audio files thanks to consoles

small maps

6v6 player count

no single player / offline mode of any sorts but mp has bots

no server browser

why isn't this thread full of 2142 players demanding a new ga

i've uninstalled bf4 because it's not doing it for me. too many bugs, horrible maps and dlc and it's lost what excitement it once had.
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2014-04-25 19:38
Nuumber_8 said:
Something like Titanfall would have made a great sequel.

No. Please, no. It would not have made a good sequel if it was like Titanfall, lmao.
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2014-05-07 10:25
Play it for a hour
No fun!
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2014-06-18 16:18
We should start a petition that demands 2143 production. Titanfall is a knockoff with similar concept, but shouldn't be a factor. Since DICE now likes to do everything that COD does, you would think that they would be ready to produce their own futuristic Shooter. Figures, this is the one time they decide to do something different which if you ask me, HARDLINE is a waste of time.
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2014-06-22 16:39
Defo would buy, but I beg, if anything, it's on the BF3 style engine. I loved 2142 and BF2, BF3 was ok too. I really like it, but BF4 and Hardline are horrific.

Really don't it like that. But guess, what, I'd buy. Cos I'm an idiot who loves EA fucking me over when they could do so much if they just gave DICE original freedom.

I still maintain Rockstar would not allow crap like some of the recent releases to come out. Hardline should CLEARLY be DLC for BF4.

I just hope they do it around £30, £50 for premium. It's a joke what they charge on top.

Would also be nice to have a "back to 2142" thing. I'd love Tunis, Gib, Berlin Cerbere landing back
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2014-07-09 23:08
I agree I think that making battlefield 2143 would be a great idea probably the best they have ever had. They have been hinting at it though if you have not seen in battlefield 3 gameplay. []
If you have not seen this image from battlefield 3 check it out although i have not actally seen this in game. []
And dont forget this one and I can personally say I have seen this one in game.

So clearly battlefield is hinting at making a squel too the best battlefield ever made.
US Enlisted: 2011-11-03
2014-07-10 03:08
Yes. But ONLY for the PC.
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2014-07-24 22:38
if some people would like to help me HELP!!! i and some people can try make the 2143 version
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2015-07-08 08:33
Battlefield 2142 Complete Game Fix

Battlefield 2142 is up and running on our own fix for the game. Anyone can play, there is no CD Key authentication so you can get a torrent if you want. You can also run widescreen widescreen 1080P..

All information is here.. []

We are also tracked on Gametracker under BF2. []

We have 1800+ registered players so far from all over the world..
Unlocks and Ranks are 10X easier to achieve
We are working on some new game modes
18 new hand picked custom maps added so you rarely play the same map
Previews []

Some you may recognize from BF2 and 1 is a COD4 map called Shipment.

We have around 10-20 playing most of the time, if it gets low volume we can run multiplayer bots as well and the bots do count towards your ranks.. We also have a dedicated teamspeak hosted by BFPC Players Community that anyone can come in and partayy..

Dethklok AirJerr
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