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Procon Frostbite for server Admins Integration BF4

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2013-08-12 21:24 , edited 2013-08-12 21:26 by JAGUAR1950
Procon Frostbite for server Admins Integration with Battlefield 4 []

I asked the following question @ re Procon for BF4

This may well sound like a very stupid question to ask but here go’s.
As we are all well aware the anticipated Battlefield 4 is due for general release October / November 2013. Many of us rent BF3 servers from various providers and will be requesting a switch to Battlefield 4.

Rackage servers whom I am with at this moment in time provide me with a BF3 server 64 slots Teamspeak and PRoCon layer.

My question is on change over to Battlefield 4 will the PRocon Layer with all the pre Loaded Plugins, Admin assigned accounts, White list, current reserved slots work as normal or will there be a PRocon update specific for Battlefield 4.

I have received the following reply from Zaeed Procon Admin

There will have to be an update for Procon, and that would remove all plugin configurations.. Essentially you'll start from scratch

If you intend to swap your servers from BF3 to BF4 now is the time to take screen shots of all your plugins server admins list, White List and reserved slots it will save you some time when sorting your new BF4 PRocon Layer.
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2013-08-13 09:03
Cool for that Jags :-) all I need to find out know is if BF4 is going to carry on allowing pbbans to steam on the server so we can still keep them Cheaters off the server :-)


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2013-10-23 19:59
if you have ftp access to your procon layer navigate to yourserverhost/youraccount/procon/Configs/ and you will see a list of IP addresses with .cfg on the end of them, open up and copy your admin list and plugin settings and save it in notepad for each server IP or just copy them all, the settings will relate to the game server IP.
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2013-10-29 06:49
Thank you Jag. nice work bro. Hello server admins / owners. >:D
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