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Browser Plugin not working

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2013-08-31 03:39 , edited 2013-08-31 04:47 by snowmanmatt
I have downloaded and installed the browser plugin 5 times for Chrome. As soon as I try to enter a server it asks me to download it again. "Continue" does nothing.

This didn't happen until both Origin AND the browser plugin required updating. I have tried running the installer as Admin. Windows 7 64 bit

No Battlefield plugins show up in the Chrome Extensions list.

Update - The update doesn't work in Chrome anymore.
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2013-08-31 07:31
Not working for me in IE 11 or Chrome
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2013-08-31 07:35
have you tried other browsers?
Yes, I like a show with colourful marshmallow ponies. Deal with it.
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2013-09-08 18:56
same here I.E win 8. BL browser will not update and its laggy..
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2013-09-14 17:02 , edited 2013-09-16 00:06 by Vycktor_Oryas
I'm having this problem as well and I've followed all the steps to correct the action that I can find on the web. I've uninstalled the browser plugin folder altogether and then downloaded the file and saved it to my desk top. I have run it from my desktop and no instructions come up as is listed on the tech support site. What is the solution? I have been a BF fan since 1943 and this issue is making it quite difficult to remain one. EA/Origin please provide us a viable solution to this problem. I am running windows 7 64 bit OS, I7 cpu, NVidia gtx 480 gpu (2 Gb), 8 Gb of RAM, 500 Gb HDD. I really can't stand the COD franchise, so PLEASE help us solve this problem.

OK. So the fix to this issue for me was to simply use mozilla firefox as my default browser. Be sure to make it your default browser because if you don't, origin will use whatever you have set as your default browser. I don't know if this is a fix that will work with everyone but it worked for me.
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2013-10-04 13:39 , edited 2013-10-04 18:11 by Ex0duS5150
same here, plugin not working wont load game.. I download 5 times nothing comes up it just goes away after a click it.. then get the please download plug in still when trying to go to multiplayer..

Im on firefox latest build with updates.. what gives?

EDIT: Got it working in IE... Yet you recommend firefox? hmmm weird...
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2013-10-08 16:02
oh welb, so i'm gonna download firefox
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2013-11-16 23:57
This time it's not working with any browsers(Chrome, Firefox and IE11)
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2013-11-19 22:48
As soon as I made the mistake of updating to windows 8.1, this problem started to appear. it has been very frustrating.
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2013-11-19 23:15
Im using firefox and ei on win7 64, everything worked perfectly until I downloaded the BF4 demo beta thing
now I get the plugin request. I've uninstalled reinstalled changed browsers everything.
Does anyone who actually works for EA read these posts?!! Help theres no reason why one cannot play the fN campaign OFF-fn-line!
your plugin bug has crippled me from playing the game completely, nice job! I will not be buying BF4. until this is resolved.
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2013-11-19 23:18
If you get firefox, it will allow you to get in the server but you get kicked because of Punkbuster.exe. Way to fucking go EA !!!!
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2013-11-20 07:33
I had to use Chrome as my default browser an BF3 load up again. Maybe a bug in the plugins for FF or IE...?
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2013-11-21 14:13
Same problem again... Using Firefox. Any solution now. Or just wait???
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2013-11-21 14:56
it was working fine yesterday but today not working, firefox win7 64
Enlisted: 2013-07-05
2013-11-21 14:58
having same issue, downloading on chrome like 5-6 times, installing and it's acting like i haven't installed the thing at all
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This is EA.
Pay for updates, pay for BF3.5 called BF4 so now its time to pay for browser plugin to run BF3
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2013-11-21 15:42
Can you say "fuck" on this forum? If yes then fuck you EA.
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2013-11-21 15:59
lol I approve ^^ so sick and tired ... its like 1 thing after another lol...can't wait for the 1st xpack...should be "fun"
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2013-11-21 17:21
Since last week the plugin has been going to hell. No longer can I sort my servers according to player numbers, nor will the server list update when I click on "Refresh". It's annoying and even though I have attempted to reinstall the plugin several times it does not work.

I can still join a server but the whole flash/plugin layout on battlelog (BF3) is completely messed up.
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2013-11-21 20:03
Lol, I played this game briefly at launch and was totally dissatisfied. Now I'm trying it out again at the end of its lifetime and it's still worthless.

Won't launch the game, just brings origin into the foreground.

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