560 gtx ti the problem?

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2011-10-27 01:31
560 gtx ti the problem?
i have a i7,. win 7 6 gigs ram
updated drivers.

Everything runs great accept, i get these mini stutters ever few seconds on the game on any graphic setting. Almost like its lag. Ive talked to 2 other people with cheaper rigs then mine and do not have that issue even in the same server.
I have tried multiple servers including my own 64 player conquest. Even when i'm the only one in it with 25 ping , i still get the small amount of rubber banding.
My brother has the same card and his game does the stutter every few secs as well.
Anybody have a fix for this?
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2011-12-29 22:02
Does the stutter happen in SP as well?
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2012-01-07 19:49
i have same problem can anyone help
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2012-01-07 20:09
turn off hyper threading
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2012-01-07 20:13
the 560 gtx ti has known problems but for now just underclock it a little and it should work fine ;)
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2012-01-07 20:23
how do you turn off hyper threading
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2012-01-07 20:25
hyper threading is a problem for some (not for me ;) ) you do it in the bios
Google is your friend
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2012-01-07 20:32
I run:

i7 920 (2.67GHz) @ 3.20GHz OC
12GB 1604MHz DDR3
x2 GTX 560 (non Ti) SLi
Asus P6T M/B

I HAD the GTX 560 Ti and it kept crashing over an over. I just gave it to a friend and I went out and bought 2 GTX 560's (non Ti). I tried under clocking and over clocking till my head exploded and nothing worked, lol.

I also tried to disable hyper threading and that didn't help, either.

After I installed the x2 GTX 560's (non Ti) everything worked perfect.

Not telling you to get rid of it but I would keep the option on the table.
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2012-01-07 20:39
I have a gtx560ti hawk by msi (overclocked by default) and it just works fine...
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2012-01-07 20:45
You have any PCI cards stuck in ur computer? One of the problems I had back in the day was one of the PCI Wireless card was conflicting with the GPU, caused stuttering all around. Took it out, now everything works fine.
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2012-01-08 02:58
sorted it have a look at this http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1043281 [forums.steampowered.com]
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2012-01-11 16:31
On the same issue as stated from DEANO570 but not as radical solution: "maybe"

Do you use Realtek audio drivers? They gave me all kinds of lag issues with BF3....so I uninstalled cleaned registry with clean sweep and then on reboot W7 installed generic drivers. That fixed some but not all the issues I was having at the time.

Currently running my msi 560gtx ti 2gb ver oc at 1000mhz in BF3 with no issues at all.
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2012-01-16 18:45
Gigabyte's 560GTX ti OC:
You must update the graphic card's Bios, and it will work.
See ya'