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Platoon emblem not showing

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2012-02-09 00:12 , edited 2012-02-09 00:58 by crashburn1337
Well. Since it's now almost 2 weeks into February, I would think this problem should have been fixed... But apparently it's not. I got this problem as well, and I have been making small changes to the emblem like every day, just to check if it would "finally work".

So, please make this work.. So tired of having the blank icon there.. so so sad.

edit: Installed Firefox 10.0 works like a charm. How about pointing out that Opera etc is browsers that wont work ?
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2012-02-10 03:18
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2012-02-27 19:21 , edited 2012-02-28 15:15 by Kokk3li
Same here in opera! Used explorer and changed the emblem little bit and saved and works well now!
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2012-04-14 15:39
Windows Seven Ultimate x64, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE... No-go U_U []
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2012-05-19 19:41
same shit...
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2012-05-23 21:43
Please fix it.....
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2012-05-23 21:56
Got the same problem... sucks hard!
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2012-07-15 17:07
Have same problem. Emblem is not showing even when it says it has been updated -,-
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Same my profile pic is the emblem
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2013-11-28 21:36
qazserNOS said:
It seems to me the emblem doesn't show if it has elements that are partly outside the editing square. I hope they'll fix it soon.

Wouldn't that be practically every emblem that exists? xD
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2013-11-29 03:08
Emblems aren't working in bf4!!!! Ps4!!!!!

Mods where are you!!!!!!!!
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