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Battlelog List of Needed Features : Final

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2011-10-28 15:40 , edited 2011-10-28 16:25 by Theseuskhan
Hey again =) pretty much got the list cracked up

The service is just pucker, sounds epic (no greetings commander tho) etc just noticed a few things that might help, been writin em down now its time to up em i think to allow good implementation / consideration time as per norm. I was going to update BETA , but unlike Alpha it was earlyer ending then expected.

So =)_

Features that should be added

Video Gallery : Moderated Video Gallery , players can submit youtube videos for BF3 or simular titles,
Origin Forums : We are all here using Origin, Here is the best place for them to obtain feedback.

Platoon Servers: A spot to put Platoon servers, Any server linked by a platoon with the Clan tag in name of server, will link back auto to the platoon aswell on the server page.
Platoon Events : Calender to hold events on, With a alarm option, members can pick it ofc
Platoon Blog / Player Blog : Why not.... not really sumthin id use , but im sure we have bloggers here
Platoon contact forms / server contact forms To contact the owner of a server, RE : Joining / Reporting etc
Custom Platoon Servers Stuff like minecraft etc. You can add a icon , ip and perhaps even launch commands like mumble:// etc

Forum thread rating Rate the thread , however this wont affect the indexing u cant have the smaller users needing help getting lost
Subscribe to thread does what it says on tin
Favourite Thread ofc a nice ickle heart
Thread list Its real hard for me to backtrack. Thanks to Chromes epic history i get it done tho

Full FAQ section Things like ECN disableing , upnp off and other well known EA problem fixes. Guides on how todo clean startups . The basic stuff ive been spamming for fix's i also reacon a Origin Trouble shooter ap could work for this one. You tell it problem, then it scans for known factors that could cause it.

Older title support BC2 , lets admit it last patch wasn't that succsessfull on the menu front. Why not just scrap it and keep title alive using Battlelog. MoH aswell.

Tourlaments For server admins who choose to set a server aside for tournys, you could even make a drag and drop system dunno on this one... meh dunno , i need to go check out ur other service sumtime

Bugs/ Problems

Remove the bottom X from Chat. : When chat bar is full, (as mine constantly is) u can easily loose chats by just opening them with the mouse slightly to the right. it will click the x and goodbye when just clicking the square.

Old partys become buggy when newer players join yup things start to fail. perhaps a limit of 2 active players for a party.

On co-op if u have ALOT of friends. u cannot press the RIGHT across arrow. Because of the list behind it i pressume, the scroll right button just does not work at all. has no URL Extensions Not one its all clean and tidy so yar dunno a mirror? whats goin on thar u dont get address bar showing like the

You cannot click server name in lists, Aye it shows in that fugly big blue link on the right

When you fav a server that spinning dial is confusing not for me, but a simpleton might stay on the page forever waitin for that loading? to finish

Thats pretty much it. This service is swell already loving every second of it. I was buildin list again, gona go crack threw SP in a sec to sort out a bug report for that / co-op then MP. I also gotta cover (alot) of other things=d as i do its epic fun times starts now. Dunno why i don't just play that begins ugh 2-3 weeks and ill smash my way up that leader board but meh. for now its just u know the epic usual from Spill. =)
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2011-10-28 15:41
NO battlelog at all would be nice
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This co-op bug^^^ is still in just heads up. if u got so many online friends u cannot find the one u want , accross arrow just wont work. Chrome any work around anyone know off?

- edit - you must refresh page once u reach it. Seems to be a catche issue or a overlap issue /shrug
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2011-11-05 18:13
+1 to this, all great ideas by the OP

whoever said no battlelog would be nice needs to learn how to adapt to change... if you dont want battlelog, go play a console!
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2011-11-05 18:19
Great suggestions
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2012-06-25 17:50
hey guys could you help me. my stats on my soldier are bihind with my real stats and my batlle feed is like 16 days old and after refreshing stil the same. this is on console
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2012-12-24 17:35

I can't install this plugin and can't play.
It start installing when i open it, and closes at the moment.
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2012-12-24 17:41
Thanks for this compiled list of features, ill be sure to pass it onto ESN for further consideration in the future.
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2012-12-31 14:30
Dice...I find it quite annoying how if you are in an hour long game and lose connection and you are #1 on your team that is winning, you receive a loss. I also find it annoying that douche bag Comcast was messing up on me and I kept losing connection in servers thus giving me 11 straight losses. Although it is just a game and I could really give two labor doodles about stats, I look like a tool bag because its broadcasted lol. This should have been fixed a long time ago. It is also stupid that if you join a game that JUST lost at the same time, even if you didn't spawn at all, you get whatever results your team received. That is retarded. Can't you make it so that anything 50 tickets or less you don't get results?
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