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A VERY Basic Forum Verson of a Overclocking Guide.

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OK Why is this Basic?

Cus im not allowed even tho im NOT EA , Im still not going to explain to you how to break your pc. So in all my Fixes and Guides i have been very very carefull in all my forum workings to ensure you are not put in a positen to break shit.

What is Overclocking?

A Overclock is increasing the Stock Speed of a Product. If a product comes out the factor lets say example , OC to 900 MHZ , Because the devolper makes it to that speed, it would not be considered overclocked. No matter what they put on the BOX.

Unstable Overclock?

Yes this happens very often. Ether the manufactoror has not tested their product 100% which for ALOT of Manufactors is not true. Very few manufactorors will apply unstable clocks to there products.

How do i Overclock My Device?

You google it. Im not here to explain it.

Is it worth Overclocking a Device.

Please note i am a AVID Overclocker, and part of one of the best Communitys dedicated to it. It is worth overclocking CPU's yes. Stuff like GPU's no, These are not designed to be overclocked. They obtain the maxium stock speed inside the factory for that device. Which is why extended editions like Sapphire take alot longer to appear on the market.

How do i find out if my Device has a unstable Clock / Stability Testing*

Good this is what this tutorials about ur in the right place.

You need to obtain a Few Aps.

To test your system for heat you will need
Speed Fan or HWMonitor

To Produce that heat you will need a tool that makes ur CPU go to 100%

Prime95 etc, google stress testing.

GPU wise you will need to test for Artifacts - There is only one tool i know that can do this and that is ATItools. This will bring a driver with it. That driver should NEVER run in background. Only start it for ATItools

You can also use a Benchmarking tool to monitor temps and check for Artifacts. (Black broken parts of screen) These come in a wide range and some are better then others. A nice demanding one is Uniengine.

You should ALWAYS make sure your PC can withstand 100% heat when u build it.

Temp ranges below

60C 10 year product life, 70 C 5 year product life , 80C ur fcked really.

GPU will go upto 100C but this is unhealthy

Your parts should always run as cold as possible. The colder they are, the better they will work the longer they will last.

A GPU will only successfully overclock a very small amount. So you be carefull, you do small increases and test after every clock.

A CPU can go much higher, you always test its stability. And heat.

If a CLOCK has proved to be unstable ether from the factory , or from yourself then u lower it or remove it.

Please NOTE : All cards are properly tested inside the Factory. Its only if the Factory has failed cough Nvidia , Then will you need to manually set your own clock.

Feel Free to add to this guide any tools etc. Im not giving clocking tools. Methods or anything else. My interest is that only of Fixing Problems. As serveral people have asked me already on overclocking, and ive had to mention elsewhere. I deemed it neccesary to add to the forums a VERY Basic guide about it. I in no ways or means will help you threw this one via Battlelog. You can join community's im in like

# Overclockers on

In order to get advice. I will not give it via Battlelog. Please do not approach me about it.

To give anyone looking a Idea.

My DEO core can reach 4ghz stable at 45C on Air cooling. This is 100% load 9 hour Prime95 tested. I however have no need or want to Overclock it. It is a very nice core and can handle even BF3 fine. I would only seek to improve its speed once the device reachs the end of its lifeline. As the core itself is running BF3 fine and around £120 brand new still. I will have no need to improve its speed this year. I however as a avid ^ hobbyist have tested it.


Hope that explains dunno abit of a crap guide meh just here for the index really. Trying to get everything ready so i can play. Cant do that till i have the ability to fix any problem in one link.

Epic eh


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A very basic Guide to Over clocking and System stability.
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Did you ever consider getting someone to proofread your work before you post it?
You carry the English flag, but I can hardly call that English. (Nevermind YT's silly layout!)
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nice one Theseus
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geezus you been busy. gj
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Good post!!! Very informative!! NM the asshole above me who is rantin about grAmmAr ( ha). We all can read it just fine. It's the interwebz so it doesn't have to be perfect :)

Yes, best possible thing you can do when starting to overclock is READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, AND READ MORE!!! That is SO important. Cannot stress that enough!!

Always start out small and increase the values!!! Never go to the max at first!!

and again! READ, READ, READ, READ, READ, AND READ!!! It is very easy to fry a CPU if you are not sure!!
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2012-03-27 04:03
Overclocked my GPU and it was worth it

its so old anyway, that i dont Care if it breaks.. Now i can save money couple months before buying new GFX Card & i can get that better GFX Card i want for cheaper price few months from now
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for god sake man you call that English... very rubbish mate
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