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Theseuskhan Bug Report

GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2011-11-04 00:16 , edited 2011-11-16 00:42 by Theseuskhan
I have now finished my Bug testing of the game, below is the report.

- Engine Faults :

- Right Click as forward, gets very ish. it wont work alot of the time. Needs testing easy to override
- No Freelook Sense inside options
- Freelook Sense is Aim down Sight sense, this is bad pie
- Game Menu for Controls does not fill
- A.I is just dumb check below for list of how dumb
- Serval windows will not allow you to vault threw on MP, when they are the required hieght, width for you todo so. RE : Basejump top of cliff left side windows.
- No Hint for Mouse Button 4-5 on first level, in futher levels this is Fixed.
- Jet back view again is aim down sight sense. This is bad for inside a jet, should be normal sense.
- Game needs to deactivate Enchance Pointer Precision on windows during play. Its causing the huje mouse lag that others experience.

- Level Faults

- Last Level is just uncompletable. Utterly i doubt any PC player has actually completed it. The second carrage bomb always takes you out no matter how fast you do level. No matter what diffculty level. - Edit - On jumping the space promt must be pushed with any Jump Bind added. This fixed was found thanks to demonspawn08. I cant thank him enough. Epic SP. Epic ,
- The guy on the same carrage whos gun u take and push threw window. You can shoot him with a invisible gun if u spam Mouse 1
- On the jet mission when fireing the a10 on ppl, The first hint will continue, even after u killed the troop. This wont dissapear until you have killed the second troop.
- On in-between a Rock and a Hard Place, At end of level the Blood flashes on the bridge, ive seen the gfx fault no where else inside the game.
- On the sniper misson there is no hint to shoot out lights , This is confusing if you are ignoring your friend sniper.
- If you shoot at patrol Vechiles. Nothing happens.
- In the Villa, When playing as DIMA. You cannot shoot threw the Grate, Canteen, You must crouch even tho u have a direct shot on enemy.
- On the Villa again as Dima. The Final Corridor before you jump on heli to get George W Bush, The vent top left corner, Will eat and stick grenades. The round vent , in exploding corridor. Last corridor.
- The SP Enemys will SAVE- If you shoots you during this can cause a forever death cycle.

Faults With A.I

- Your Troops have a preset enemy target. If the target is not designed to die by them it wont. They will keep shooting at him, allow him to even get face distance but never kill each other.
- The A.I has a preset enemy you or your troops. If a A.I is set to aim at u , he will threw walls and cover and everything else.
- More hints are needed that you MUST stay behind your troops. Advancing ahead will cause problems.
- The A.I will not be able to aim at you AT ALL if you shine flashlight at him or have one on gun.
- The A.I will not move out the way for grenades on several segments, mainly when they have a set cover to use.

Faults with Sense

- The Sensesitivty Scheme on 0.00000 is default 0.20000 compared to MoH . This is nice, but then gives no valid reason to increase it.
- Aim down sight has been slightly decreased, this is majorly feelable.
- First point on the Free look Sense
- First point on the Jet sense

Needed Menu and Console Addditions

- Console needs to accept GSPinput.sensescheme and mousesenseitivty changes. If not a numerical value needs to be in the menu.
- Jets and Tanks need to be added with slider to the ingame menu
- Game still needs a FPS Limiter command for those forced to use Vsync
- SP needs to be able to remove the chrossairs


- Helicopter can move at start with WASD and eventually move off the landing zone during no move time
Many thanks for this game tho.


- Chrome is outdated Flash.
- Upnp Must be on... Will cause 20 minute disconnects
- Fire from the sky is just ................. Most the bots don't do there job , wont load into heli at end. etc took us 20 attempts to complete if not more just cus of the bots not doing there god dam waypoints. We didn't die etc, just the team got stuck.

Thats aboot it , im about ready to crack into the MP part now ive done with this small task. Relativly its a dam good SP , really dam good. Id rate it next to HL1 and the Story Arch is mega. However a little disspointed i did not get to complete her. I will try for a few more hours but hitting on bug u know how frustrating it can get.

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