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Live BF3 Session With Peter Moore - November 5th

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Hey everyone – here’s your chance to play Battlefield 3 with Peter Moore. Our live-stream event with Peter is this coming Saturday, November 5th, from 12:00 to 13:00 PDT. We’ll be talking all-things Battlefield and taking your questions! Post them in this thread and, if you’re lucky, we’ll ask your question live on the air!

Details and location to be posted as an update to this thread - check back tomorrow morning!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

UPDATE: Here's where you'll go to participate in the event, live at 12:00 PM PDT, tomorrow! []
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2011-11-04 05:20
what server?
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2011-11-04 06:59
Are we getting Old style vehicle controls ? I am curious about that very much,.
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2011-11-04 12:57
who is Peter Moore?
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What is EA/DICE doing to make it fun to play with friends? I'm tired of my friends joining the wrong team even though we joined a server as a party. I'm tired of being so far behind in terms of unlocks that I can't keep up with them or enjoy matches with them. Co-op is fun with friends, but multiplayer has too many team placement and imbalance issues to make it consistently fun for everyone. My friends and I actively avoid playing multiplayer with each other because all it causes is frustration and arguments. What is EA/DICE doing to address this? What is EA/DICE doing to make it fun to play with friends?

Peter, can you help me? Your game is stressing me out. I am stuck at rank 4. I can't keep tolerating the hazing experience I receive even on newbie servers where rank 30+ and 40+ keep hanging out. I haven't unlocked a single multiplayer scope or attachment or even the ATGM on the infantry fighting vehicle. I am at a constant disadvantage against those who have advantages like IRNV scopes, heat seekers, flak damage resistance, and more plus a great deal of content that is still locked away from me. Can you give me a fighting chance? Can you make the game less stressful? Can you set up a server for only rank 15 people and below? Can you unlock some content for me? I feel there is no way to advance in your game without making friends with boosters. Can you help me?
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He's Roger Moore's illegitimate son.
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2011-11-04 15:56
When will all the missing features on the PC fixed - like commander, commorose, VIP/Reserved slots etc etc ?
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2011-11-04 16:01
- Why is Battlefield removing all features that contributes to teamplay? Commander (incl UAV, Artillery, supplydrop, vehicle drop), purpose squadleader, big maps, squad-leader order tools, proper commo-rose.
- In BF4 are we going to see even smaller maps since that's the direction Battlefield is heading?
- Why are you turning Battlefield into cod?
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2011-11-04 16:02
When will we be able to choose what squad we join? BC2 had this feature.
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2011-11-04 16:05
Why no South America servers?? I mean REAL South america, NOT South US!

Even the South US servers have a really high ping here, only 3 bars servers.

Xbox user btw.
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2011-11-04 16:13
When negative acceleration of the mouse will be fixed?
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2011-11-04 16:13
1. Why is EA talking in details about BF3? When can we have a live-stream event with a DICE employee?

2. Can one day we use Origin *ONLY* to install BF3? So that after installing the game, Battlelog directly launches BF3.exe, not via Origin as it is?

3. When is the next client-side patch? The ones with UMP-45 buff, SCAR-H nerf, and Stinger nerf? And can you please provide us with patch release notes listing ALL the fixes?

4. Will in-game SQUAD VoIP controls be added in BF3? One that allow us to talk to non-Battlelog friend strangers? Please look into BF2's VoIP system.

5. Will proper air vehicle controls be added to the game? Just because a selected few are really good at them, it doesn't mean it's flawless. Please look into BF2's flight controls.

6. Will Recon be awarded more for doing their job (to recon, not to snipe), such as MAV spot points, equipment destroy, SOFLAM target destroyed, etc. At this point, the only way Recon can have a decent score per minute is to rack in as many headshots as possible, while having only sniper rifles available for the first few ranks.

7. Will you consider having Recon carbine or PDW as their first weapon, and sniper rifles as unlock? Or would you prefer to name the class to Sniper instead?

8. When can we finally resize and move the chat box?

9. When can we see a more accessible commo-rose? At its current revision, it's hard to navigate to an option in the commo-rose and hard to see which one is currently selected. Even worse during a firefight, where ironically, the most important time to utilize the commo-rose.

10. Will you add much larger maps in the future or tweak the current map to be larger? The major complaint is all the control-points in Conquest are too centralized that the rest of the map become useless, and Battlefield games doesn't feel like Battlefield anymore. It feels like the-other-who-must-not-be-named, plus vehicles. It's not a battlefield. It's a skirmish. On all maps.

Thank you,
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2011-11-04 16:18
JUST ONE QUESTION _VERY IMPORTANT_: In Battlefield 2 you could be up to 6 players in each squad and you could create them, in Bad Company 2 you could only be 4 in each squad and in BF3 you can also only be 4??? I find this annoying and think many thousands of other people as well does. Please change it to 6 players in each squad + the create new squad capability. Let the game be mooore like BF2 NOT BC2, Plz. dont forget your roots -.- thx!!! in advance!!!
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2011-11-04 16:20
Is the flying controls going to be revamped, or anything for the consoles as well as PC?

P.S: I got 2 copies for ps3, and pc
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2011-11-04 16:21
Will we see more destruction on maps? It seems very limited in some places. (bazaar)
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2011-11-04 16:24
Chat with Peter Moore? Great! This means that the chat problems we're experiencing in game will have been fixed by then...
Peter Moore ""
Player One "......"
Player Two "......"
Player Eleven ""
Peter Moore "...gain?"
Player Eleven "....aid. When........cha."
Peter Moore ""
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1. I really love the new style with the Mini-Map, but me and my friends have been finding it hard to navigate by using the Mini-map. Will it be possible to have a Mini-map with letters on the capture points? as this could add a lot to the game's strategy and navigation elements.

2. Im sure you will agree the communication system in any Battlefield game is a very important aspect for many players, especially BF3 players, me and my friends experience trouble in effectively communicating with fellow team mates, and this makes the game seem less team-worked based. How do you plan to improve the team work elements and voice / text communication in Battlefield 3 in the near future?

3. Im always finding myself getting a really amazing kill, and in this date and age it seems annoying not to have some type of recording feature that we can view matches and share those special and epic moments with our friends, family and with the whole world. Do you plan on making BattleRecorder? If not why?

4. What cool new things can we look forward to in Battlefield 3 in the near or far future? Will there be Christmas, Easter, Valentine, Community Events, or something themed to fit along?

5. The colors and contrast in the game is very important to me, in Battlefield 3 ive been having problems with eye strain, due to the high contrast and harsh colors. I understand that this makes the game more atmospheric, however im not to keen on having to wear sunglasses when gaming xD! Is there any plans to make this contrast and colors seem better?

6. Can i steal your dogtag?

Thanks a lot! Im loving your game EA, keep up the hard work and i challenge you to steal my dogtag! If you get it, i may have to give you all some nice cake. (no promises) Have a brillant day!

- Yetteh
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2011-11-04 16:29
Is there anyway we can fix the stability of the foregrips.
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2011-11-04 16:31
Are there any plans for larger maps?
Are there any plans to take the squads even further in terms of teamwork?
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2011-11-04 16:32
All my squad mates would like to know if your putting in a colour (color) blind option into the game in the future?

Also good job dice :)
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