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Live BF3 Session With Peter Moore - November 5th

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2011-11-14 16:22
Peter shmeeter who cares wanna play with me. Im on all the time no love clan.
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2011-11-18 01:14
Peter Moore can suck a raw egg - this game has turned out to be a POS.
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2011-11-18 20:58
I dont think this is a suggestion thread fellas they said they will ask your question if your lucky as you can see they have removed the other threads give them time to go over it and eventually we should be getting what we want.
The only question i have is when is bf3 going to be in the tornament for origin?
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2011-11-22 05:26
IllllIIIlll said:
who is Peter Moore?
rofl yeah who is this random
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2011-11-28 18:20
Whats up guys?

We have a platoon called ( Imbalanced ) with many active members and growing fast even though it is still quite new, so if your interested in having a place in our group while you still can feel free to contact me.

We don't have any specific over the top rules like other clans, you want to have a good time enjoying the game for what it is and having a blast with a nice group of friends then your more than welcome to join us.

Take Care []
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2011-11-28 18:29
Dear al muntasser I only play with pricks who make fun if each other by using stereo types and sumtimes we sabotage each others game play and then laugh thanks but no thanks. The forum thread below this one is what you are looking for to recruit "nice people" remember to drink your ovaltine and eat your oats. Have a day! Pope:)
It's about damn time we got c4 back
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If I bought Battlefield 3 extended edition at the store immediately after world premier , I get Back To Karkand for free? if not, to me it makes no sense this publication!!!!???????
RU Enlisted: 2011-10-26
2011-11-30 10:38
wtf?! I'm same problem too! I will recive Back to karkand if i buy just Extendet pack on next day after world premier.
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2011-12-02 07:44
Hello! I bought the game Battlefield 3 Expanded Edition on October 28, if I can get a free supplement "Back to Karkand"?
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2011-12-04 05:19
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2011-12-05 20:19
I heard you used a swedish swear word, you should ban yourselves!
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2011-12-07 13:26
I would rather hit him with a bar stool.
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2011-12-11 04:55
Why is this still here.....NICE FORUM MODERATION.
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2011-12-26 09:56
hi i cant install back to karkand on disc, it will only install up box, then start the battlelog up then nothing happens. please help me with this problem!
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2012-01-02 09:46
DragonMyr said:
What is EA/DICE doing to make it fun to play with friends? I'm tired of my friends joining the wrong team even though we joined a server as a party. I'm tired of being so far behind in terms of unlocks that I can't keep up with them or enjoy matches with them. Co-op is fun with friends, but multiplayer has too many team placement and imbalance issues to make it consistently fun for everyone. My friends and I actively avoid playing multiplayer with each other because all it causes is frustration and arguments. What is EA/DICE doing to address this? What is EA/DICE doing to make it fun to play with friends?

Peter, can you help me? Your game is stressing me out. I am stuck at rank 4. I can't keep tolerating the hazing experience I receive even on newbie servers where rank 30+ and 40+ keep hanging out. I haven't unlocked a single multiplayer scope or attachment or even the ATGM on the infantry fighting vehicle. I am at a constant disadvantage against those who have advantages like IRNV scopes, heat seekers, flak damage resistance, and more plus a great deal of content that is still locked away from me. Can you give me a fighting chance? Can you make the game less stressful? Can you set up a server for only rank 15 people and below? Can you unlock some content for me? I feel there is no way to advance in your game without making friends with boosters. Can you help me?
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2012-01-14 15:08
Привет, я покупал расщиренное издание, но мне не дали возвращение в каркандар шо делать?
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2012-01-14 17:06
ching chong
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2012-06-13 00:19
por favor..... você está ai?
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2012-11-07 07:39
как потключится к EA onlain?
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