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anyone Warned/Banned for no reason?

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2011-11-22 19:13 , edited 2011-11-22 19:17 by Daish
Daish was banned again............. this time for quoted text

i was replying to somebody who used a offensive word. i said nothing offensive nothing vulgar myself and i was banned for 72 hours.

you can even see the quote tag in the email i censored out the offensive language with ****

i was banned for something i never said................ the text AFTER the |quote| box is mine ( i had to edit the quote box it messed the post up )


Hello ,

Your Electronic Arts account has been suspended for 72 hours for violating the Terms of Services for Electronic Arts Online.

Violation:Inappropriate language

|That *** team DICE have proved they are a pack of useless lying ****holes and won't get another $ from me |quote| yes a lot of us got let down by BF3|

You can read the Terms of Service for Electronic Arts Online by going to the following web address. []

If you feel that this action is unwarranted, or if you wish to dispute the claims of this email, please submit a dispute form by using the following link: []

The Electronic Arts support team is available at [] should you have any general questions or concerns about the rule or its enforcement in the game, as we feel it is important to understand the rule completely before returning to the game world.

Customer Support
Electronic Arts, Inc.
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I think it's pretty clear why you were banned, "Daish". Go troll somewhere else.

Off ya go.
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2011-11-22 19:19
being stupid is not a reason for being banned i did nothing wrong
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2011-11-22 19:23
Daish said:
being stupid is not a reason for being banned i did nothing wrong
well looks like you are trying to get banned again.
I wish people would learn to search and read before posting.
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BullDawg460 said:
Daish said:
being stupid is not a reason for being banned i did nothing wrong
well looks like you are trying to get banned again.

i read the TOS and asked a EA Support staff member if talking about ban emails is ok and she said yes. World of Warcraft is the only game i have played that your not alowed to talk about staffs actions.

Daish: so im just checking if i can post it in the public fourms
Daish: to see what players think
Donna: To my knowledge its public. As long as its not vulgar.

ive cesnored everything that was vulgar and offensive so i can post it in public.
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I just got an email saying :-

Hello ,

Your Electronic Arts account has been issued a warning/suspended for XX hours for violating the Terms of Services for Electronic Arts Online.

Inappropriate language:


That's it. No quote of what i said. No indication whatsoever about anything... and XX hours? Did they just send me a template?

Whats goin on here guys?
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2012-01-10 10:22
It looks like "Mohit" is a highly trained, well paid professional whose judgement should be trusted both by his employer and customers.

Nah, who are we kidding. Mohit works for mininum wage.... in India. This is what EA thinks of us, the customers. $60 probably pays for a year of Mohit's wages.
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2012-01-10 10:28
Given the language used IN GAME with the proliferation of the f*** word etc I'm really surprised that they are bothered about chat.

Seems a little two-faced really
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2012-01-10 10:32
this place is a joke. they can ban people because they said something that touched 1 of EAs or DICE BOLLOX but they cant ban HACKERS! your whole game is on its knees, but you spend more time banning people off the forum than addressing battlefield 3s holes! GOOD JOB
no operation locker was played in the making of these stats......................
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2012-01-10 10:39
i dont think so
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2012-01-10 10:43
"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Someone must have just be given their new admin rights and are flexing their POWA!





BOOM! YOU'RE BANNED TOO - muwhhahahaaha

Does seem a little harsh, with the response being even harsher in so far as the assisting agent cant deviate from their standard "I have no authority to do anything other than read from these pre determined scripts

"Thank you for your call and have a nice day..... woohoo rack up one more ticket completed on my daily target of stuff to do to keep my job, look at me I'm productive, no really I am, who cares if our customer problem isn't solved or we have done something to help, the ticket is replied to and I have done my job, can I have my daily bone now please master?
Allright, sweethearts, you heard the man and you know the drill! Assholes and elbows!
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2012-01-10 10:48
the long and short of it is...

someone posted something offensive

you then posted the same thing

you might have wrapped it in a quote, but you didnt censor it, so you posted the same offensive material
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2012-01-10 11:08
Battlelog is not designed for your venting and whining.
Even if its justified.

I'm with you on it, they should warn you instead of a 72 hour ban.
Just don't use foul language.

Don't give them any reason to ban you.
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2012-01-10 11:14
If your going to Quote CENSOR its helps $#&^$#@
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Daish said:
anyone else been banned for almost no reason without warning?

Yes i have. By a server bot moderator for saying a bad word. I was banned for 24 hours. Common! Really!? The games speech mechanics are constently using phrases and words worst than I did that day.
Another time I was kicked for having a good score (finally after dieing numerouse times) by a server mod who got mad becuase I was pwning him and a few other of his friends. LOL.
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2012-01-21 08:57

here is an abusive way from EA. Moreover it's illegal in many countries.

They come to tell us what is good language and what is not. Many of us do not speak good english and use words they have read before without a full understanding about what it means in deep. Our cultures are so different.

We paid for the game, we paid for the servers, we spent our time in server admin. Admins are able to watch the in-game chat.
EA better have to put their energy in catching cheaters. EA, please, mind your business and let players play.
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