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No 64 Bit / Browser Support for Battlelog ?

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2011-12-14 21:35 , edited 2011-12-14 21:41 by HumAnCK
Hey ,

i use the FFx64 to browse through the web, everything is working fine. Just the Battlelog Plugin isnt, cause the 64 Bit Version of my Browser is not supported. I get following msg " Your browser is not fully supported, soldier!
You can not use the x64 version of Browser on this site. "

This is a shame EA, that there is no 64Bit Support at all. And i doubt that someone is using a 32 Bit System to play this game, mostly every PC uses 64 Bit as OS/System-Drivers etc.

Please give us an update soon, as is said before. This is a shame.
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2011-12-14 22:49
AFAIK (as far as I know), FF does not do a 64bit version of their browser, not officially anyway. I could be wrong though, do you have link?

I run Win 7 64 bit, but you do not need the 64bit version of the browser ~ and if you did, why? :`D The only reason I can think of, is if your browser needed access to more than 3.2GB of ram (the limit of 32bit memory addressing)... which, is excessive to say the least :`D

I think this would be the same for all plugins, such as Flash etc... unless the companies have written 64bit versions.

EDIT: I found some reading, []

But ye, it seems you are running a nightly build then? In short, drop it for the vanilla 32bit... or even better, Chrome :`D I use Firefox for development and Chrome for browsing ~
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Thread is locked.